Japan Gets Two New PS4s: One Nice, One Gross

Japan Gets Two New PS4s: One Nice, One Gross

To recap: there were a lot of awesome limited edition PS3 consoles in Japan. To date, there have been a procession of ugly-arse limited edition PS4 consoles in Japan.

Two more were announced today, and they split the difference. There's one for The Last of Us that I am reluctant to even draw attention to it is so hideous.

Yet there's another for Destiny that is hot. It's the same white edition that's selling in the West with the game, only the Japanese one comes with a restrained Destiny logo. I mean, in essence it's the same thing - a lazy little bit of printing on a single panel of the console, same as the bad ones - but the colour and design make all the difference here.

Japan Gets Two New PS4s: One Nice, One Gross

Both consoles include a copy of their respective games. The Last Of Us bundle is out on August 21, while the Destiny pack is out on September 11.


    Clearly Luke just hates the black PS4 :P
    Seriously though I was considering picking up a PS4 when that Destiny bundle rolled around, a fancy one like that would probably win me over Sony. Why do you hate the rest of the world?


        Yea but it doesn't have destiny written on it

          This will fix it


    The black one looks like a cheap sticker kit you can buy off ebay
    But the white one looks like its actually a white console

    Last edited 18/07/14 8:29 pm

    That white one looks nice, however, would look even better if the controller didn't have the black patch in the middle of it

    The white consoles not too bad, although it'd be better without any logo. Can't say I like the white controller however...maybe if the touchpad was also white it'd look a bit better. The tone of grey used on the destiny logo might be a better alternative to the black thats used on the controller and to my eye makes it look a bit too jarring between dark and lights.

    Why do all of these special edition decals always get designed for vertical use?

    I don't like to use my console vertically and neither do most people I know. Also, home theatre shelving usually lends itself more to a horizontal configuration and though it may be an urban myth, I read that the optical drives fail more often when used vertically as well.

      My guess is so you can display them as a bit of a pride piece above the shelves/TV unit so everyone can see it.

        True. It's not very practical though, but then again, limited edition things rarely are.

    Oh man you're right.

    Look at that gross white console, yuck.

      I hear you!

      I prefer the black one, it's got a nice Godfather-like vibe.

    I find it hilarious.

    Everyone complains about the White Wii U, and wants the Black Premium. Yay the PS4 is Black etc. Than all of a sudden White is the new Black?

    I want Black Consoles to match the Black of every other device own I that connects to my TV which is also Black. Electronic Devices should be Matt black, not shiny show finger prints where every fool touches it.

    Geez the corporation really are skimping on the "Special Edition" consoles this generation. All they really amount too is a screenprinted HDD cover plate... Same as for 3DS - same screen-printed back plate for every special-edition.

    There is nothing special about identical systems with a different picture on a pre-designated area.

    On the other-hand, if Sony sold the HDD cover plates themselves, with 100's to choose from. Then that would be OK.

    Remember when Nintendo did a clear green N64 for DK64 or the Orange etc Game Cubes.
    The Halo Xbox etc. Those are limited edition consoles not a fluffing sticker.

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