Kingdom Hearts 2 On PS2 Versus PS3

Kingdom Hearts 2 on PS2 Versus PS3

It's time for a graphical throw-down featuring everyone's favourite confusing mash-up, Kingdom Hearts.

While Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix doesn't release until December for the West, we can already compare its graphics to the older version of the game. The video changes between the HD and SD version on its own, but you can also tell it to focus on one specifically at any given moment by pressing the HD and SD buttons on the top left and right corners of the video.

Obviously, the PS3 version looks better — the graphics are crisper and they have more detailed textures.


    They removed the Halloween theme'd costumes for Christmas theme'd ones!? WHY!?

    Looks like content changes for this section (costumes, enemy colors, keyblades) but other then that it looks like a sharper game overall graphics wise.

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      This was done yeeears ago on Final Mix.

        Ah. I didn't know that. I've got the first version of KH2, so the Halloween stuff is the normal thing for me.

          It does make sense... Kinda cause Halloween Theme was already on 1.5 Remix

          I for one welcome the change ^_^

      They're using the Final Mix (the Japanese-exclusive updated re-release) version of Kingdom Hearts 2 (and Birth by Sleep) as the base for this version, just like they did with with the original Kingdom Hearts game in the last HD Remix. In Final Mix, Sora and co. would don Christmas-themed gear in the Christmas town, while still keeping the Halloween-themed get-ups in Halloween town. You can see Sora still rocking the Halloween duds at about 1:44.

      There's actually a bunch of new content that got added, other than the basic costume changes and enemy colour swaps. There's new boss fights (including a bunch of optional ones against every member of Organisation XIII, not just the ones featured in KH2), new story cutscenes that link the game closer to Birth by Sleep, additional side-quests and keyblades, a new form reminiscent of KH1 Sora, etc. Much more content over what KH1 Final Mix delivered over vanilla KH1.

    just looks like higher res textures. which makes sense seing as they lost all of the original textures anyway.

      I believe they only lost the original textures for KH1. I couldn't tell you for the life of me where I read it, but I read an interview with someone working on the game a while back that stated they had all the assets to work with this time around, as opposed to when they were doing 1.5 Remix.

        If that's the case it's kinda... not disappointing, but I have seen better HD remasterings. Oh well, I'll still get it. Great games stay great. Plus, regardless, they do look better than the originals, even if it's just a resolution bump.

    So in other words, as expected, the PS3 release still looks lower-fi than running the PS2 release of KH2 Final Mix in an emulator. :-(

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