Kotaku Australia Plays The Destiny Beta

Watch live video from Markserrels on www.twitch.tv Stuck at work waiting to get home to play the Destiny Beta? Worse, don't have a code at all? For the next hour or so I'll be streaming it live!

But first, a couple of caveats. I'm also babysitting my 18 month old son. So if I stop playing for like two minutes, that's the reason. If you hear weird babbling in the background? That could be my son... but it's most likely me talking in my broad Scottish accent!

This is going to be fun! Let's get going!


    I wish i wasn't work, other wise i would. :(

      I woke up earlier this morning and started the download so that I can play it tonight. Can't wait........................ DAMMIT 4 MORE HOURS UNTIL I REACH HOME.

        Same :D Loaded the PS4 up, entered code, downloading. I have like 8 hours till I get to play though :( Going out for dinner tonight. Stupid dinner.

    As I said in another thread, should get a Kotaku PVP PVE group going on. PS4 PSN vaegrand, if you add me let me know in the message that its from Kotaku as I tend to reject most of the crazies you get added by while playing.

    It's not called babysitting when it's your child, it's called parenting :P

    Is the stream working or is my work blocking this feed?

      It's been on and off since it went up.

    Stream was working, now it seems to be done;

    Watch the first section and this game actually looks solid, think I might take it for a spin.

    Is it called babysitting if it's your own child? Isn't that just being a parent? Not one myself and never will be, so I guess I could be out of the loop with terms etc.

    Doesn't count as babysitting if it's your own kid...

    I have one spare PS4 Europe code which I'm happy to share with a Kotakan (Kotakunian? Kotakusider?) as I only know 2 other PS4 owners IRL and one of them has preordered also...

      I would be very grateful - I preordered my copy, signed up with Bungie.net etc and no code as yet...

        ...or add me on PSN (id is username here) and I'll send it that way.

          I'll add you tonight and thanks a gazillion! :-D

      Keen as well, my comment asking for one is awaiting moderation now! If you still have a spare would be great.

        Didn't check in here over the weekend - but do have a spare one again. Still need?

      hey! Im a Euro PS4 owner.. Sweet sweet code if possible?

        No response from aussiegrimm... still need a code?

      That's nice of you! Good job!

      Last edited 18/07/14 10:45 pm

    Anyone have a spare ps4 EU key they could message me? Redeemed for Americas (idiot), waiting for bungie to hopefully fix. Can trade you ps4 US key (but might stop working depending on how bungie fix).

    @rossko where did you preorder from? I preoreder mine from EB Games, and didn't receive any code via email or at the sale. Spoke to the @EBGamesAUS twitter folk and they said it should have been on the receipt, but it wasn't. They sorted out a code in short time after that.

    Hi people don't comment much but I have a spare ps4 Europe code if anyone wants it

    I'm still pissed off that this isn't an open beta. Would have been nice to try a little demo without having to pre-order.

    Frame pacing issues on PS4 (IDK about on X1) and so far not 1080p on X1, sucks for both teams a little :'(

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