League Of Legends Cosplayers Swarm Anime Expo 2014

League of Legends Cosplayers Swarm Anime Expo 2014

The one good thing about the crazy amount of champions in League of Legends is the endless cosplay possibilities it can lead to. And this year's Anime Expo was full of LoL cosplay.

MLZ Studios put together a nice video with the usual ones like Jinx or Ahri and with some unexpected ones like Ziggs, Udyr or Poppy. Most of these are brilliant:

League of Legends Cosplay @ Anime Expo 2014 [YouTube]


    Amazing! Go go go I am getting buffed for AusPax!

      I'll see you there :D I'm going as Malzahar

        Im going as garen!

    WOOOOOOO!!! Crappy background music! It's always the best part

    EDIT: That was truely craptastic whimsical dub stepped beep beep music!

    Last edited 09/07/14 8:55 pm

    You know....
    As much as I love seeing these videos....for science. I am becoming more interested in the offerings of normal folks and fans over the professionals.
    I mean, the professional stuff is obviously pretty top notch, but those moments of awesomeness often come from a very different lot

    Studio Trigger (Kill la Kill) was feted at AX this year, would have preferred to see the masses of Kill la Kill cosplayers there.

    Last edited 09/07/14 10:23 pm

    I'm going as gragas :) thats the only cosplay that fits me
    /( )\ <---- This is me

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