League Of Legends Video Is Full Of Gore And Explosions

Video: Riot Games just released a fun video based on its popular online game that's full of explosions, cat ears and mild gore. You can watch the whole thing above. And if you like what you see, you can also check out a short making of film that Riot put out today alongside the spiffy new cinematic.


    Not to sound arrogant but the "cat ears" that you're referring to are actually fox ears. Ahri is a fox. Cats don't have giant fluffy tails.

    Man that is some crazy good animation.

    That is pretty awesome.
    Really nailed the personalities too, Graves and Draven in particular.

    I've always liked these styles of cinematics, but i never got into the game at all

      Don't play, once you enjoy it... you get hooked ... not good

      it's like a drug, you have to play this everyday...

    They should make a proper animation movie with a good story line :D

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