Leaked Video Shows What Destiny Looks Like On Xbox One [Update]

Leaked Video Shows What Destiny Looks Like On Xbox One [Update]

The Xbox One beta for Bungie’s next big game isn’t supposed to be launching for two weeks. But what appears to be footage of Destiny running on Microsoft’s newest console is out there in the wild.

As demonstrated by YouTuber More Console — via The Destiny Blog — the beta footage appears to have been captured and shared via the Xbox One’s own Upload Studio app. The recent alpha for the upcoming sci-fi shooter was a Playstation 4 exclusive and angry Xbox loyalists have recently been up in arms over what they see as the most-favoured-nation status that the PlayStation platform has enjoyed from Bungie.

Leaked Video Shows What Destiny Looks Like On Xbox One [Update]

At the time of this writing, no clips were turned up in searches for ‘Destiny beta’ in Upload app on Xbox One. The footage resembles what was seen during the game’s PS4 alpha test.

Leaked Video Shows What Destiny Looks Like On Xbox One [Update]

So, while it’s unintentionally funny that this leak appears to have come from right inside the Xbox One’s own Upload Studio, the premature peek serves as a good reminder that Xbox owners will finally be getting a taste of the next game from the creators of Halo very soon.

Leaked Video Shows What Destiny Looks Like On Xbox One [Update]

Update: NeoGAF user GavinUK86 has uploaded Xbox One Destiny beta clips which were also found via Upload.

Update 2: Unsurprisingly, all the videos have been removed (though you can follow the NeoGAF thread for potential re-uploads). At least we have GIFs, right?


  • Is this leak a real big deal ?
    My understanding was Bungie said with the removal of the kinect they now had enough resources to make it 1080p 30FPS on both plaforms. So its just going to look like the PS4 beta footage…

    • There will probably be a pixel or two that’s different so we can keep arguing, otherwise what’s even the point of liking video games?

      • Someone will clock it and say “in this section the PS4 gets 30 frames while the xbox only gets 28 frames obvi PS4 is better scrub newb shakalaka”

    • Resolution and fps is similar doesn’t mean it will be the same graphically but I’m hoping fellow Xbox one players will get the same stuff as ps4.

      • Honestly, while I’m sure most games will retain the PS4 advantage for obvious reasons, I believe Bungee when they say Destiny looks the same. They seem to have some integrity and such.

        But in the end, if it does look a little better on PS4 that’s OK too, as long as they don’t sacrifice performance on X1 to try get it up there as well, right?

        • Yeah, sure the ps4 is more powerful but I feel the pain of Xbox one players. Getting sub par product of the same game just because Microsoft fucked up. They should really divert the blame to Microsoft for issues about graphical performance instead of fighting with each other.

          • Yes and no. While I don’t dissagree, I personally feel developers should either aim for parity or, preferably, develop for each platforms strengths. Else every version gets dumbed down in one way or another, even pc.

          • Do you even realize all 3 platform are developed the same way now? All of them are built on PC and port down to console. Developers are pressured to not work on consoles strength to show that both ps4 and x1 is identical and dumb down PC just for that purpose. Microsoft will never allow that since x1 is the weakest at the moment.

          • Yeah I do realise that. That doesn’t mean that’s the way it should be. No need to get pissy about it.

            Also, while the X1 is ‘weaker’, the PS4 really isn’t that much better, especially CPU wise (EDIT: The GPU in the PS4 is ‘more’ suited for 1080p than the X1, but as we have seen it doesn’t even always hit that. Other than the resolution difference, that most people wont even notice playing on their TV’s, there is very little difference between the cards capabilities and that is mirrored in what we have seen so far. Mainly games look identical but are just higher resolution on the PS4 which is also achieving a slightly ‘higher’ frame rate, that mostly isn’t so much better as to improve playability in a tangible way except maybe to have less screen tear. That is until there is something CPU intensive on screen. Then both consoles level out to be almost exactly the same showing a CPU bottleneck on both systems.)

            I really don’t think MS are behind the state of ports as you seem to think and comments like that come across as awfully fanboyish.

            Truth is, MS didn’t stuff up ‘hardware wise’. Their launch was not great and they had a different vision, which you may or may not agree with. If MS stuffed up hardware wise, then Sony did too because the way myself, and many others see it, the consoles offer good value in terms of price to performance this gen but are relatively week in comparison to other consoles at launch (And most PC’s) because they are so cheap and ‘budget’ orientated.

            While in a whole that is not a bad thing so to say, in fact I think it’s good (If the life cycle is shorter) but it makes all the whining about console graphics even more pointless than it normally is.

            Edit: For the record I have a decent PC, PS4 and WiiU at current and try to offer an unbiased opinion in these maters.

          • But what about the Xbox’s Cloud computing… Once developers start getting better aquatinted with that, then we’ll see a big leap in what the X1 can deliver.

          • @markymarkandthenotsofunkybunch – not sure if being sarcastic, but i doubt it will ever really become a “thing” that developers will bother with, unless its an online only title. tou much time to implement a feature that not everyone will be able to utilise which will create a huge disparity between different xbowners experience. this would also mean that the dev team would need to code two completely different physics systems, for those who dont have their consoles online.

  • I’m boycotting it and buying a used copy, not a big fan of exclusive DLC that isn’t timed.

    • But it is timed exclusive.
      The only Destiny DLC that isn’t timed is the stuff that comes with the Limited Edition.

      • I hate timed pre-order DLC. It hurts every one.

        I remember buying Infamous 2 and being so P.O that I couldn’t get Sly’s cane. When it eventually came out for ‘normal’ players I remember my friends who got it with the special addition felt really ripped off because they didn’t wan’t to pay more for something they could only have ‘exclusively’ a little while. (Not that the bag wasn’t cool too.)

        They just shouldn’t have any timed exclusive content! People who buy it feel ripped off whether they loose ‘exclusive’ privileges or have to wait.

        Then again, at least that was add on content and not something that would traditionally have been thought of as part of the game… Although on PS2 skins etc were popular.. DLC right? -.-

  • Just a word of warning, don’t go to the NeoGAF thread, save yourself the facepalms.

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