Let's Talk About Chrono Trigger

Let's Talk About Chrono Trigger

Alright, folks — you've had two weeks to spend some time with Chrono Trigger, a video game about a time-travelling frog. Did you get a chance to play it? What'd you think? Overrated? Underrated? Perfect?

Chrono Trigger is generally considered to be one of the best RPGs ever made, but for some reason I've never quite fallen in love with it the way a lot of other people have. Maybe this is because I didn't grow up with the game... or maybe it's just not my type. I don't know. Let's discuss.


    I've been playing chrono trigger for an extremely long time, owning it on multiple versions. I consider it as one of the greatest RPGs due to its excellent combat, it's storyline, and is one of the first games to have multiple endings

      ...and that music. Oh...so...good.

        That music is incredible. I got the japanese sound track of ebay at the start of the year. No regrets.

    i know i will get hate for this but i want them to remake it with modern day graphics and get rid of random encounters

      It only had random encounters on the world map and the DS version improved the sprites slightly (I think).

      Chrono Trigger had random encounters? Chrono Trigger was great because it was one of the first RPGs to *not* have random encounters... Not even Chrono Cross had random encounters.

    What is the best way to play it these days? I'm sceptical about square and app versions of games...

      Use an emulator if you don't have a legit way to obtain or play the game.

    I remember going to the video easy to hire this for weeks on end 19 years ago and because it was a US copy we had to use a converter cartridge to get it to work, it was always worth it!

    In my opinion it remains one of the best RPGs for its story, gameplay and re-playability; Which is a pretty big call considering it was (at the time) surrounded by strong contenders like Secret of Mana, Illusion of Gaia, Secret of Evermore, Lufia 2, Terranigma and the early final fantasy games not to mention some of the final fantasy games that have come out in the last 19 years.

      I'm gonna put it out there... Terranigma was better and never gets the credit it deserves

        The ENDING of Terranigma. Daaaaaamn. That bloody bat.

    SNES version is kinda the most pure. And the script is, in my opinion, much better than the updated one for the DS version.

    The PS1 version has some pretty boss anime cutscenes. I remember load times being kinda a pain though.

    DS version has much more content, and includes the PS1 cut scenes. But the script was changed, and to me it lost some of the charm that made me fall in love with it all those years ago.

    No idea what the App version is like. It contains the bonus content from the DS version though, so I assume it also has the altered script too.

      Was meant to be a reply to Shamrocks.

    Being an Aussie, I acquired this game has an import about 20 years ago & was my most played SNES game. I saw pretty much every ending available (except the dino one I think) & was so addicted to the story & game play. It really set the bar for me for playing future J-RPGs.

    I got the DS version when I could but didn't play it much due to a glut of other games on that system. Still own it, so will play it again.

    I like how the DS version added the PS1's animated cut scenes, even though there are so few of them.

    What I really want though is for Sony to release Chrono Cross on the Aussie PSN because never got to play it.

    Last time I played it was in the year of retro gaming. Soooo, here's basically what I thought. ;)

    I could never get into it. Random battles do my head in almost without exception. Adore the soundtrack though. I used to repeat it over and over :-)

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      Chrono Trigger doesn't have random battles though. There are a couple of surprise battles but they will always happen in the same place. It's really odd that two people have commented on the non-existent random encounters...

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    I played and finished this for the first time on DS about 3-4 years ago (so there was no nostalgia factor). It has aged extremely well, and I'd put it up there with one of my all-time favourite RPGs.

    I created a US playstation acount on my vita just for this game.
    It didn't disappoint.
    Originally played it on zsnes back in highschool 10 years ago and just played it again 2 weeks ago.
    It's now my favourite game of all time (just edging out portal and SotC)
    But now i have a chrono shaped hole in my heart with nothing to fill it :(

    In an era where great RPGs were a dime a dozen, Chrono Trigger is really just another one. Excellent game but holy CRAP is it overrated. The sequel is amazing and probably the best JRPG of its generation or possibly all time but it doesn't get half the love it should simply because it's not Chrono Trigger.

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    I played it for the first time only 3 years ago and I can say it's better than any final fantasy game made. I've come to realise that final fantasy is a overrated franchise, that doesn't mean I don't like them but just they are way over hyped.

    I gave this some serious time over a 3 month holiday. When I picked it up again I realised Ican't remember where I parked the time machine! :(

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