Let's Talk About Final Fantasy VI

Let's Talk About Final Fantasy VI

Are you playing Final Fantasy VI this month? Does it hold up well? Do you still get emotional over the adventures of Celes and Kefka?

I'm planning a big ol' feature with some Intense Thoughts about FFVI to be published soon — look forward to it! — so I'm not going to write a lot here, but I thought I'd give you guys an opportunity to discuss the game this afternoon.

So get into the comments and let's talk about the best Final Fantasy game ever made.

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    I'm not sure if this game every saw an official release in Australia as FFIII back on the SNES. I ended up getting it on the PSN as the PS1 re-release but didn't play all that much of it because got annoyed by some of the mechanics in the fights, as well as having so many other games to play.
    I ended up putting it on my Vita to play on the go, which I never got around to do doing because spent more time playing FF9.
    It's a game that I will get around to finishing one of these days because of all the positive things said about it. Plus I don't have any nostalgia for it, so can happily get vexed at all the outdated gameplay.

      The original Super Nintendo version was never released in PAL. We waited and waited and waited... (sigh)
      Anyway, it's been released a thousand times since, and it's still one of my all-time favourite role-playing games.

        and that's why everybody in Australia illegally downloaded it. Because it wasn't available. But man, I'm sure glad everything is now available in Australia soon after release at a reasonable price...

          Well, except for Shovel Knight. That's STILL not available, and probably won't be for months. >:-(

        My old game shop, Computer Game World (which was destroyed by the coming of EB & the shift away from PC gaming) used to import a lot of SNES games.
        I got Chrono Trigger from them but no FF3. Just one of those titles that I never saw on their import shelves. Plus I was a bit of an ignorant gamer back then, so wouldn't have known much about it outside of a few games mags (really showing my age here).

      I got FFVI on the PSX, a birthday gift from my auntie... sadly, as all PSX discs go, a teeny tiny scratch made it very difficult to play :(

      The only part I found annoying w/ the PSX rerelease was the goddess forsaken loading times! I have no idea what they did when they were porting the game but the loading in between some scenes and cut scenes was bloody annoying...

      As for "outdated" systems... I'm going to assume you're not a big fan of turn based RPG's? As FFVI actually mixed up a lot of abilities for an FF game that kept it from being the usual "Select Attack till monster dies or Select Potion/Heal when your near death"

        It wasn't just between scenes. There were massive loading times at the start and end of EVERY BATTLE, as well as every time you opened up the MENU for crying out loud! It was painful. The start and end FMV cutscenes were nice though.

          Yeah I completely forgot about those as well.... Been a while since I touched the rerelease... but goddamn those 20-40 second loading times FOR THE FREAKING MENU! was damned annoying >.

    Got to the end and lost my save long ago. I can't claim to have much nostalgia for it due to the aus market. FF7, Tactics, Vagrant Story and Xenogears hold much stronger memories.

    Final Fantasy VI is the game that all new Final Fantasy games should be compared to. Beautiful storyline, moving musical score (for SNES era .midi anyway), side quests out the wazoo (considering that you can complete the game with one Celes, Edgar and Setzer and actually have to collect everyone else).

    It's just sad it never saw an official release in Europe/Americas before Final Fantasy VII came out and everyone creamed their pants over 'muh 3d grafics.'

    SquareEnix needs another Final Fantasy game like VI. They've been trying to recreate the feeling of VII for so long that the series has gone so far downhill it's almost garbage-tier.

      SquareEnix needs another Final Fantasy game like VI. They've been trying to recreate the feeling of VII for so long that the series has gone so far downhill it's almost garbage-tier.

      SquareEnix need to go back and look at Final Fantasy VI, Chrono Trigger and Secret Of Mana and figure out what made those games so damn good.

        Three games in which I became overly attached to characters, something that doesn't really happen in new releases these days.

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