LittleBigPlanet 3 Coming To PS3 And PS4

LittleBigPlanet 3 is coming to the PS3 and PS4 on November 18, Sony just announced. I am so excited to finally see Sackboy on the PlayStation 4.

Check out the game's predictably adorable pre-order bonuses here if you're into that sort of thing.


    The split of retailer exclusive DLC and swag in the US for this game is something to behold.

      pretty sure it will be purchasable in PSN store after release. I actually want the playstation superstar pack. Journey sackboy!

        You can do that now, that Journey costume is already available to buy... that whole Amazon pre-order pack is currently available outfits.

        Journey -!/en-au/games/addons/journey-costume/cid=EP9000-BCES00850_00-LBPDLCSONYCO0031

        Patapon -!/en-au/games/addons/patapon-costume/cid=EP9000-BCES00141_00-PLITTLEBIG000057

        Jak & Daxter -!/en-au/games/addons/playstationmove-heroes-jak-and-daxter-costume-kit/cid=EP9000-BCES00850_00-LBPDLCNDOGCK0001

        Ratchet & Clank -!/en-au/games/addons/playstationmove-heroes-ratchet-and-clank-costume-kit/cid=EP9000-BCES00850_00-LBPDLCINSOCK0001

        Sly & Bentley -!/en-au/games/addons/playstationmove-heroes-sly-raccoon-and-bentley-costume-kit/cid=EP9000-BCES00850_00-LBPDLCSUPUCK0001

        Tearaway -!/en-au/games/addons/tearaway-mini-pack/cid=EP9000-BCES00850_00-LBPDLCSONYMP0010

        LocoRoco -!/en-au/games/addons/locoroco-costume-kit/cid=EP9000-BCES00141_00-PLITTLEBIG000021

    This is so lovely. LPB is one of the most charming video game series ever, and some of the user-created levels still blow me away with how innovative and clever they are. Cannot wait to play this on PS4. I really hope it doesn't get pushed back.

    I probably won't be able to resist pre-ordering for the cool costumes and avatars - I'll try to giveaway the Sackboy toy to the first person I see though. (We moved recently, and whilst packing, I found a box (a big one!) filled with Sackboy plushies and figurines we'd collected over the last six years - some of them still in their boxes!)

      Jane, do you still have the box of sackboys? Happy to pay $ postage for your memorabilia. Please email me as my 10 year old son is a huge LBP fan. Thank you!

    It still sucks that they’ll be (at least a little) nerfing the PS4 version to accommodate the PS3 crowd.

    It often makes sense for 3rd parties to make everything as cross platform as possible, but surely for Sony it must have been at least a consideration to make this game PS4 exclusive to help them shift a few extra consoles?

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