Making Nintendo Games Literally Pop Out Of The Screen

Jonathan Roulston makes dioramas. He precisely cuts out iconic screenshots from iconic games and then he painstakingly puts together some truly gorgeous looking looking works of art. I want one of these. I would pay good money for these! Jonathan — open up a store. TAKE MY MONEY!

My particular favourite of his is this Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past effort.

These photos provide a little bit of insight into the work required...

And here is some more of his tremendous work:

You can see more of his art here.


    Why, it's Mario! And Link! And my favourite, Chewie! THEY'RE ALL HERE!

    Much respect. I've done some extensive cutting out of pixellated images like that before, it's a real pain in the back.

    He should use foam board, since it has natural depth. It makes it look a lot nicer

    My brother's friend made a pokemon diorama for an art course he was doing in the city. It was like the pokemon one in this article but it was based on pokemon red and it was on a pop up gameboy and it looked really cool.
    He stayed up late to get it finished so he could hand it in but on the train ride to the city the train was packed and when he was sitting down some really fat guy stood next to him. Unfortunately the train jolted and the fat guy crushed his diorama.

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