Man In China Has Spent $34,000 Collecting Transformers

Man in China Has Spent $US32,000 Collecting Transformers

Transformers is quite popular in China. Heck, the latest film is set in the country. There are many diehard Chinese fans. One of them shelled out $34,000 for his collection.

Man in China Has Spent $US32,000 Collecting Transformers

According to News 163 (via ShanghaiIst), retired soldier Zhang Wei has been collecting Transformers since 2002. So far, he and his wife have over 380 Transformers and has spent 200,000 yuan ($34,000) on the collection.

"If the economic conditions permit, one doesn't need to consider the cost of a hobby," Wei told News 163 (via ShanghaiIst). And if they don't? Well.

Man in China Has Spent $US32,000 Collecting Transformers

青岛夫妻收藏380多个变形金刚 耗资20多万 [News 163 via ShanghaiIst]


    #34,000 really isn't that much to have spent on a collection of anything.

    Damn it I miss my original Devastator. I think its time I got a new one.

    Hotter wife than I expected!

    Look at the defeat on that girl's face..

      That photo captured the exact moment she realized she has had a complete lemon.

    Thats great, spending his money on a passion... that isn't going to kill him.
    Beats wasting all your money on smokes and the likes.

    I Still have all of mine from when i was a kid!, not as nice as his, Mine are all "play worn"

      Eh, I like the original ones way better. All the new ones just look plastic fantastic.

    In the top left corner of the second photo there is an Optimus Prime I'd give my left nut for.

    Pretty sure there'd also be a gen 1 Grimlock I'd give my other nut for in there somewhere too.

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