Meanwhile, In Disney Infinity 2.0, Super Villains Attack

Meanwhile, In Disney Infinity 2.0, Super Villains Attack

Because you can’t have good without evil, Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes makes sure all three of its heroic playsets get an appropriate villain. Enter Loki, Ronan the Accuser and the Green Goblin.

Well then, now we know who goes in the last space in that PlayStation exclusive collector’s edition diorama. Actually, pictures of Loki taking his rightful position were all over Comic-Con last weekend, semi-spoiling today’s official announcement.

Meanwhile, In Disney Infinity 2.0, Super Villains Attack

At least Guardians of the Galaxy foe Ronan is a semi-suprise, and what looks to be the Ultimate Spider-Man version of the Green Goblin should confuse Spider-Man purists.

The villains will be waiting for the heroes when all of this toy business releases September 23.


  • Paying this off next week. Can’t wait! We have all our figures on a shelf in my kids room, he plays with them all the time, they make fantastic toys and collectibles.

      • This game particularly has given us more value than any other game in the last few years. The amount of creativity it inspired in my kid and his friends is insane. The levels we’ve made together, they’ve played together etc in toybox mode more than justifies it.

        • Weren’t you complaining about the possibility of micro-transactions in Destiny? Isn’t that exactly what these games are based on?

          • At least you get something somewhat good with your micro-transaction, Although i agree it is the single reason i have not let my son get Swapforce because we spent all this money on Giants and then had to search for months for characters that were only on a short release or some garbage.

          • While I know you’re speaking physically, technically you get something for all micro-transactions

          • No? When? We buy the figures because the figures themselves are awesome. People can whine about the DLC aspect, but you also get a collectable figure with it. I don’t get why adults are always trying to bring kids down and be so negative about it. If we want to apply the same sort of thing, why are adults always buying sub par games with limited content and then shelling out so much money on yearly re-releases of the same games (COD, the Last of Us etc) with overpriced DLC and such? At least with the Disney games and Skylanders, the kids are getting some variation and enjoyment out of it?

            Sometimes it sucks to be an adult, I guess we overanalyse, over criticise and just fucking lose the ability to enjoy shit.

          • Must of been somebody else. I understand what you’re getting at but it’s hardly worth rewarding the company for these exploitative designs.

          • That’s your opinion of course, but do we start there or the massively overpriced digital DLC that has no physical aspect to it that we as adults buy and perpetuate the DLC model? I’d say there first…

          • Although some of that is focused on children, most of its not and whether you think it’s worth it or not is your grown up decision. Where these toy based games purposely focus on children who have no regard for value etc which is their child like prerogative and you can’t say it’s the child’s fault which is extremely exploitative. Much worse than selling adults “an incomplete game”.

          • That’s a bit silly, you can’t blanket statement that all children have no sense of value at all? I have my son earn his pocket money, he saves up for his toys. He knows the hard work he has to do to earn his toys. That’s the very basis of knowledge of value. Do X jobs to earn Y dollars and Z toy is worth Q amount of time. He’s almost got it down to a fine art. He’s not in the minority either. Many parents put this in place, decent parents anyhow. All my relatives dow it, most of our friends have some sort of work for your pocket money system, only lazy parents wouldn’t do it. I’m sorry but your logic is extremely flawed from the getgo.

            But if we do roll with that, it makes it far worse then, that adults who SHOULD have a sense of value, continue to support things like day one dlc, half finished games etc when they should know better. Just using that flawed logic and making a huge blanket statement.

          • @piat: “Where these toy based games purposely focus on children who have no regard for value”

            It’s nothing new. Look at all the TV shows that existed simply to sell toys. Transformers would be the most blatent example.

          • @mic Perfect example. Every episode every week was directly aimed at advertising a new toy that was coming out. Same with He-Man, Thundercats, Silverhawks etc. Infact Transformers actually prompted a LAW to not allow the advertising of the same toy during the shows running time.

  • At least Guardians of the Galaxy foe Ronan is a semi-suprise
    Eh? The antagonist of a current Marvel film featuring in the Marvel expansion of a Disney game is any kind of surprise?

    • He’s hardly a big name on the villain scene like Doctor Doom, or pretty much any villain from Spiderman.

      • True, but when they announce the protagonist of a current Marvel film featuring in the Marvel expansion of a Disney game, it would make sense that they’d also release their villain.

  • Um, when did Green Goblin start getting supplied steroids by The Rock’s hookup?

    I would have guessed that was a big arse Skrull before guessing Green Goblin.

    And where’s the Goblin Glider and his Pumpkin Bombs?! (on the figure that is)

    • See the bit about it being the Ultimates version of GG. Similarly they’ve gone with the movie/Ultimates version of Nick Fury. No surprise there. I wonder if there’s a bit of politics in there considering how the movie versions (non-Disney) of Goblin have looked like. They’re re-stamping ownership of him.

      That’s okay, it still leaves space for the classic characters. I dearly hope they release a Thanos fig. I’m all over that.

  • and what looks to be the Ultimate Spider-Man version of the Green Goblin should confuse Spider-Man purists

    Yep! Loki and Ronan were easy, and I was looking at the green guy and was thinking… “that looks like the Super Skrull a bit… with electricity? SS doesn’t have electrical powers… or 3 toes. A regular skrull? The Abomination? Oh that’s (Ultimate’s version of) the Green Goblin? Isn’t he supposed to have more toes? And smaller spikes on his skin? And maybe some fire and sot so dressed for outer space and smaller spikes on his skin? They need to get their $#!+ together… the movies too.

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