Microsoft’s Project Spark Is Out On October 8

Microsoft’s Project Spark Is Out On October 8

Briefly: Project Spark, Microsoft’s video game about making video games, is coming out on October 8. The company said in a press release that it will be available for the Xbox One and Windows 8.1 computers. Learn more about the game here.


    • I have no idea why you would down vote that, can you play other peoples creations even if you haven’t bought all the content they’ve used?

      • Not every one, but out of the 100 or so “top rated of all time” there’s maybe 5 you cant play.

        So in other words, there are thousands and thousands of creations and only a handful of them you cant play. Im guessing once the game gets a release, more people will be willing to make the bigger worlds etc using DLC content.

        Just tried the Linkin Park “interactive music video” and it was really well made. Also, check out all the Star Wars themed creations, there really good.

  • I got into the closed beta for this. Made a couple of little things then never touched it again… Everything was locked behind a pay wall

    • Not everything was behind a paywall only the undead add on if I remember correctly other stuff you could pay with experience points instead if you put the time into it.
      My kids play the beta alot so its a no brainer for me to get this for them, hopefully it will come with a season pass too to get all the add ons in one go.

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