Mirror's Edge Was Born To Be High-res.

Mirror's Edge was born to be high-res. The latest shots up at Dead End Thrills show Dice's first-person runner looking sharper than ever. Pleeeease don't let Mirror's Edge 2 suck, pleeeeease don't let Mirror's Edge 2 suck...


    A little anti aliasing wouldn't have killed them

      That's the low-res version embedded in the article. Click for a larger version, or go to the site to see it for real ;-)

        Yeah I clicked on it still looked funny until I realised It was still being squished and had to zoom in for a native pictures.. work monitors ammiright!

    Pleeeease don’t let Mirror’s Edge 2 suck, pleeeeease don’t let Mirror’s Edge 2 suck…

    "You have reached 12kph. Please purchase the SPEED™ DLC ($6.95) to go faster."

    "You have not picked up a rifle. Please purchase the DISARMED™ DLC ($8.95) to remove combat from the game." (I'd buy that)


      Did you ever actually need to engage in combat in ME1? I just started replaying it yesterday, and so far I've been able to avoid all combat. I can't remember if you ever get forced into taking someone out.

        I'm pretty sure there was a boss fight you needed to complete part way through the game. You didn't need to kill anyone, but you couldn't avoid combat all together.

        It's not out & out necessary, but until you get decent at it (which I did not), it's hard to avoid it.

        Toward the end there's a staircase you need to walk down with four or five guys walking up, each with a machine gun. The time it takes to disable one gets you shot and there's nowhere to run. That and one other large, open area were the only two times I remember picking up a gun. They were the worst parts of the game.

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