‘Moms Against Gaming’ Is My New Favourite Twitter Account

‘Moms Against Gaming’ Is My New Favourite Twitter Account

Meet @MomsAgainstGam, a noble crusader in the fight to keep our children away from the menace that is video gaming. With powerful tweets like “disease and poverty are a direct result of Gaming”, @MomsAgainstGam is helping expose the painful truth that video games must be stopped.

Well, not really. This is a parody account, masterfully constructed by people from the surreal world of weird Twitter. And with that framing in mind, some of their tweets are straight-up hilarious.

https://twitter.com/MomsAgainstGam/statuses/482683647481241600 https://twitter.com/MomsAgainstGam/statuses/482647913684672512

Some of the responses — from people who get it — are amazing too.

And then, of course, there are the people who think @MomsAgainstGam is a serious account, and respond with lovely messages like “get cancer.”

‘Moms Against Gaming’ Is My New Favourite Twitter Account

Ironically, one of @MomsAgainstGam’s messages is that video games make people nasty, so these people’s vitriolic responses are proving the very fake point that this parody account is making. Man.

In the meantime, if you’re in on the joke, there’s nothing funnier on Twitter.


    • Aye, ’tis a sad reality we live in. Had to deal with so much of this stupidity and trash, now we don’t know when they’re joking.

    • I had that same feeling about the STOP Masturbation NOW! group. This is Tom-trollery at it’s best.

  • Parody and sarcasm do not cross the textual barrier, after reading these tweets with sarcasm in mind they are funny, but I just as easily could believe some of them as being someone’s actual opinion…

    • My point exactly. I am aware that it is all supposed to be parody and I certainly got a few chuckles.. but I would have no issue believing that it was real, if someone said so.

      • That’s the whole point of sarcasm isn’t it? The ambiguity of the language that could lean either way if the intent is unknown.


    Meanwhile this kids mum rages on Facebook that Obama is a satanist because she read it on The Onion.

    • Don’t diss the Onion brah, that’s where I get all my daily news to keep in the loop with what’s going on in the world!

  • I usually like to think that most gamers are pretty switched on to being trolled like this. But no, idiots are everywhere. Interesting observation: a lot of the accounts who attacked them thinking it was a genuine account usually have some kind of reference to them being a “hardcore gamer” in their twitter bio.

  • When i see a homeless man i immediately think, ‘Why did his parents let him play video games?’


    • I think the stupid one here is the person that doesn’t realise different cultures have different ways of spelling things!

      • I recall writing a comment once stating “But my mum says I’m cool”
        A young American fellow said the same basic thing “It’s Mom you idiot, not Mum, learn to speak English”

        Sad thing was he wasn’t trolling. I love that “Here be dragons” mentality some people have.

        • It’s kinda sad that not once did I think WhitePointer may be trolling… Goes to show the type of world we live in!

  • I have a feeling Poe will be working overtime on this. It’s far too topical and reflective of the extremism already present that it’s going to do more harm than good. I’m calling it now, it’ll be on Fox News at 11.

  • The original one that started this all is still going to be the best. If I’m not mistaken, this came from the Facebook page “Moms against anime”

    The author made it so obviously satire like you could not believe yet people still fell for the bait… I never usually comment on Facebook with pictures but if I do, the Michael Jackson popcorn picture would be the best picture for that page

  • The twitter handle “@momsagainstgam” could be a tad misleading. Read from a certain perspective you could easily assume it was “Moms Against Gay Asian Men”

  • Hahaha, this is gold. I love all the people getting so angry about it.

  • So lets see if I understand this… They hate the Harvest Moon series as well right ?

  • Am I the only one who didn’t doubt upon reading the title that there are people dumb enough to actually make something like this?

    • It’s also not hard to believe that there are also people who sincerely believe in the account.

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