Morrowind Is Being Rewritten From Scratch (With Multiplayer A Possibility)

Bethesda's Morrowind is a tad long in tooth, having been released back in 2002, however, it's still considered the strongest game of the series, even if Skyrim gave a competitive showing. So loved was the game that modders are trying to recreate the former into the latter and yet another is attempting to rewrite Morrowind from scratch to include cross-platform support, better performance and maybe, just maybe, multiplayer.

OpenMW isn't trying to replicate the game's content — just the executable code responsible for bringing the world together. Much like ScummVM, it's also built in such a way that it could conceivably be used to run any game using Morrowind's file formats, with an editor program, OpenCS, being crafted in parallel.

This means the developers can expand the game's modding capabilities, fix bugs Bethesda never got around to patching, tweak the game mechanics and even enhance the graphics by utilising modern technology (but without having to alter the original textures or models).

A "possible" feature is the implementation of multiplayer, something fans have wanted in Elder Scrolls games since Arena and Daggerfall. With Elder Scrolls Online missing the point, I could see this as the stand-out reason to give OpenMW a bash (if/when it gets the functionality).

Of course, the project is still in heavy development, with v0.31.0 released a few days ago. If you're willing to put up with its quirks, it's worth checking out. Coincidentally, the GOTY edition of Morrowind is currently on sale on Steam; you need the original's data files to play.

OpenMW 0.31.0 Released! [OpenMW, via Reddit]


    Something new is always happening with Morrowind, shame it hardly finishes.

      This isn't a new project, it has been on-going for a long time.

      As to the title saying multiplayer is a possibility, here is copy-paste from the linked page:

      Will OpenMW support multiplayer?

      The OpenMW team currently has no plans for developing this feature. There are probably some technical factors about OpenMW that would make it extremely complicated, messy, and painful to implement. However, sometime in the future, some sort of co-op feature for OpenMW could be a possibility. OpenMW will probably never support MMO style gameplay.

      So no it's not even planned, it's just something someone else may approach after they release OpenMW as the source code is freely available.

      Yep. All these promising things never transpire yet I can't seem to stop hoping.
      Skywind does look like it will actually release to some degree though.
      Maybe I should shut up and mod my Morrowind and be done with it.

    Will never finish. Skyrim Online was being worked on for over 3 years and the modder community imploded under the stress of it all just recently.

    Goddamn what I'd give for just a 2-player Skyrim co-op mod.

      Hi there,
      OpenMW has been in devolopment since 2007/08, or some time around that (I first noticed it in mid 2008).
      They have come a really long road. Having come this far is really incredible. I honestly didn't believe it would, but the (growing number of) devs proved me totally wrong. Now, i believe that they will get it done - it's still a lot to do, but the technically most challenging things should be done.

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