Mother Brain Has Never Been So Intimidating

Mother Brain Has Never Been So Intimidating

Behold this massive version of Mother Brain, the number one villain of the Metroid games. She's been turned into a difficult puzzle and Samus is not around to solve things. A guy named Mallo is.

What you're seeing is actually a user-made level in Pushmo World, the new Wii U block — pushing game. The blue square frames a zoomed-out look of the whole level. Our hero Mallo is standing at the bottom, in front of one of the grey parts. All I know about the level is that it was made by someone named Ashley, it's downloadable in Pushmo World (along with some other great user-made levels) and — key point — it is hard.

For your amusement, and because the level is just so cool, I captured video of my first attempt to climb to the top of Mother Brain. Spoiler: I fail.

It's not like you wanted me to give away the solution, right? I failed so that you could still enjoy the thrill of solving this puzzle yourself. That's right. You're welcome.


    I don't know, how can I find Mother Brain intimidating anymore when they turned her into a schoolgirl in Other M.

      Nothing is more intimidating than a British schoolgirl. I'm fairly sure you'll see a bunch of Japanese schoolgirl puzzles in this, though.

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