Multi-Screen Gaming On A Laptop? Crazy, But Sure, Let’s Roll With It

Multi-Screen Gaming On A Laptop? Crazy, But Sure, Let’s Roll With It

Matt Relf has found a smart way to turn a small laptop into the kind of multi-screen setup you normally only see on a verge large desk with a very important desktop computer.

He’s running a Kickstarter called Packed Pixels, which uses a mount to attach either one or two iPad-sized displays to the side of a laptop screen, giving the user a small wrap-around effect only with the benefits of portability.

It’s not guaranteed to work with all laptops, but for around USD$240 (that’s for the brackets and displays) it sounds like it’s worth a shot if this is something that actually appeals to you. You crazy person.

Packed Pixels [Kickstarter, via technabob]


  • Very cool. I hope this gets funded as I could see myself using these for my desktop as I have room to spare but not enough for a second monitor.

  • I personally use an iPad and AirDisplay, but the bracket would work nicely too…

  • I use an adapter and two retina displays to achieve a similar thing, it was about the same cost, and you get a really portable multi-monitor setup for not much $$.

  • Cant recall if I made this up in my head or I saw it somewhere and it’s otherwise disappeared from the internets, but can anyone think of a similar setup but with really skinny vertical monitors? like same height of regular monitors but only a few inches wide. Possibly USB powered? Not sure. Something only really big enough to fit, say, Photoshop menu palettes, etc. I don’t have the space for a secondary with my 27″ iMac, and have always wanted something that could handle my peripherals and give me back my screen space for important things (like the art). Could’ve sworn I stumbled on it one day and never found it again

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