My Favourite EVO 2014 Matches Were The Ones With The Least Action

There doesn't need to be a lot of movement to create excitement in a top-tier fighting game showdown. Just look at these EVO 2014 matches from this past weekend.

Sure, the Justin Wong Marvel vs. Capcom win was a moment for the ages and Louffy's string of victories on his way to the championship was incredible. But the matches I couldn't stop thinking about in the aftermath of the world's biggest fighting game competition were the ones where Snake Eyez played Ultra Street Fighter IV as Zangief.

He took a character as some people characterise as lame and crafted a patient, psychological strategy that took him deep into the upper echelons of the tournament. It's play like this that reveals — with great commentary from super-informed folks like Seth Killian — the breadth and depth of high-level competitive video game play.


    I was exactly the same. I really hoped he would win the whole thing. Zangief is awesome (check the avatar) and it was good to see someone near master the big man.

    Any time someone does really well at Evo with an unexpected character - like the Gen and Hakan winners last year - it is awesome and really encapsulates what Evo is all about I think.

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