My Favourite Flash Game Of All Time Just Got A Kickstarter

A quick trip down memory lane: when I started at Kotaku Australia in 2011 we used to have a regular post called LunchTimeWaster — a daily link to a flash game for you all to play. My favourite game from that era was undoubtedly K.O.L.M. — a brilliantly balanced Metroid style platformer with gorgeous music. Now it's coming back in a very big way.

See here's the thing: K.O.L.M. was initially planned as a trilogy but the creator, Anthony Lavelle, never got the chance to finish the final game. Now he's looking to do something on a grander scale and he's gone to Kickstarter to raise some funds: he wants to remake the entire series — including the final episode — as one massive game.

And not only that, the entire game is being rebuilt from the ground up in a new engine, with all new art and new music from the original composer. The game will be released on PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android.

From what you can see in the video above, the game has made dramatic leaps and bounds over the original in a visual sense, but has still retained some of that gothic charm. K.O.L.M. really was such a polished, complete piece of work when it was first released, so it's hard to see how that won't make the transition to the all-new version. Back when I originally played the first K.O.L.M. I said there was no doubt in my mind that would pay cold hard cash for a product of that quality. Now that the creator of the game is asking for cash in return for a better, more complete version of the game, I almost feel obliged to give him a helping hand. I played the original game for free and loved it, so maybe now is as good a time as any to give back. I'm sure that some longtime regulars who remember K.O.L.M. feel the same.

You can find out more about the K.O.L.M. Kickstarter here.


    Wait... there was a second KOLM? How did I not know about this?

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