My PC Is Already Burning Looking At Minecraft's 'Better Foliage'

My PC Is Already Burning Looking At Minecraft's 'Better Foliage'

Dayshot: 'Better Foliage' is a mod by OctarineNoise and, combined with the LB Photo Realism resource pack, it makes Minecraft's blocky environment a lot more fluffy.

You might just need to mod your PC as well to run this without frame drops and to avoid burning down your CPU.

Better Foliage mod [r/minecraft]

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    I have always wondered why when I put mods to say for instance a game like Skyrim, my older card and PC can still run smoothly if I don't go too overboard with the mods and still am able make the game look 80x better.

    I install one mod on Minecraft and BAM! 0fps, a complete racket from my gfx card, and smoke starts to indeed flow from the back of my PC.

    Why is that?

      Minecraft uses alot of ram and cpu power, so if you dont have much that maybe your issue.
      Try this although some are stupid some might help with your issues

        Thanks, doing most of these already. I like it how they mention 'Get a new computer' twice LOL

          grab yourself the Optifine Mod. youll need the light version... will easily double your FPS, with no quality drop.

          dont get the standard or the HD as they have additional graphical features and will slow it down...

          optifine light almost tripples my framerate on my lower spec machine...

      Because minecraft is a very badly coded game.

      Because minecraft still only uses 1 core and not multicore

    It's winter, I'll just rug up then open my window and we'll be all set! :D

    Seriously though, This looks really good and I'll be giving it a go :)

      If my new PC can't handle this, I don't know what will..

        Yeah I doubt it would be that intensive, but What I said about opening the window, I keep mine shut and have my PC heat my room up. It maxes out at around 54 degrees so I get a little warmth from it. (Playing Skyrim it maxes at 54, havnt tried this mod yet...)

        Last edited 11/07/14 9:20 pm

          Yeah, I'm going to be worried about heat from bits and pieces in there anyway; The GPU is notorious for running hot, so add any CPU heat and I'll basically have a lovely artificial wood-heater in my office.

            Hahah. Any warmth in Winter is good though XD You can just buy another new PC ;)

    Combined with a good shaderpack, modded minecraft can look SUPER shiny with the right texture pack, but combine that with enough tech mods, and you wont need the fire or heater for winter :P

      Are there any mods to reduce block dimensions? I would love to play this game if it had smaller components.

      I never had Duplo, I was straight onto LEGO.

    Allow minecraft to launch with 16gb of ram, set my graphics card to OC then sit back and enjoy. Oh wait, it's minecraft, running my pc on power saving mode will handle this fine.

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