Neptunia’s Heaving Bosoms Freak Me The Hell Out

Neptunia’s Heaving Bosoms Freak Me The Hell Out

I am no stranger to the Neptunia video game parody franchise with its anthropomorphic personifications of game systems, companies, and series. However, one thing has always freaked me out when playing them: the characters’ constantly heaving chests.

In the Neptunia games, the story is largely told with visual novel-style cutscenes — i.e., 2D anime-style drawings of the characters appear on screen and have only the most minor of animations to the eyes and mouth as they converse. However, what the Neptunia games do that most visual novels don’t is animate the characters’ breathing.

This breathing animation is done by stretching and distorting the different layers of the character’s 2D images to simulate the rise and fall of a person’s chest while breathing.

Neptunia’s Heaving Bosoms Freak Me The Hell Out

What freaks me out about it is that the breathing animation is far too big. Instead of a slight, barely noticeable rise and fall of the chest, the characters’ chest heave like they have always just finished a 10-mile run. Moreover, as the cast of Neptunia has more than its share of quite well-endowed females, the animation looks even more unnatural and over the top as their breasts bounce up and down rhythmically — and often completely in sync.

But don’t get me wrong, I actually think the idea of animating the characters’ breathing is an interesting idea that could be a nice touch. However, unless it is toned down significantly, there is no doubt in my mind that it will continue to just freak me the hell out.

Hyper Goddess Faith Noire: Ultra Goddess Black Heart was released for the PlayStation Vita on May 29, 2014, in Japan. There is currently no word on an international release.


  • Hey, did you notice that in Metal Gear Solid 3, if you’re aiming down the sights you can notice your gun twitching in rhythm with your heartbeat?

      • When you’re in the canyon, if you kill a guard, let vultures eat him, then kill the vultures, when you’re doing the Sorrow “boss” fight you’ll encounter a guard being attacked by vultures and begging them to stop eating him.

    • Which is why you need to time your shots in between breaths, or drug yourself. I always liked that mechanic.

  • Arc system does it worse with their bigger breast characters fighting animations emphantise on the bouncing of the boobs, no scratch that anytime there is a fighting game with big breasted characters , they have somehow made notice of the boobs, for goodness sake team ninja does this a lot, I dare someone to play other m’s final sprint in the zero suit to see if it happens there, plus I hope team ninja doesn’t do this for hyrule warriors

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