Nothing Is True, Everything Is Patooties

Nothing Is True, Everything Is Patooties

Briefly: Artist SHARK-E goes where Ubisoft could only dream.


    I've seen short articles on Kotaku, but this one takes the cake.

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      The writers really are the cream of the crop.

        But I guess you cant have your cake and eat it too.

          I assume its so they get more clicks and more revenue, so they have a larger piece of the pie.

            To be fair, it's a pretty sweet picture.

              It is a sweet pic. And it's game related.

              But I guess some people would like a 1,000 word essay on why it's a cool pic to justify the 5 seconds of their life it took them to click the link.

                And the joke chain is broken. Well done on the entertaining run, @outatime, @series6 and @mic.

                  Haha, oops.

                  My lesson learned, don't post comments drunk, jokes are too hard to keep with. Especially when they sound so much like the usual article haters.

                  I had to refrain from pointing out the Feona and Cake reference at the time. I hope it didn't go completely missed lol.

                  On another note @crotchdot, while Kotaku articles can be short, especially ones like this one, even for a briefly, I still meant the comment in good jest, sorry that it effected you and others so much... On the other hand, good fun was had.

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    Guess thats enough

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    When you snarky bastards run kotaku you can decide in what kind of content is delivered. Until then they will continue to deliver and we will continue to enjoy gaming snapshots from around the Internet.

      I support Gator Gone's call for a violent coup against Kotaku HQ.

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