Now You Can Watch A Man Rip A PlayStation Apart In 4K Resolution

Sure you've seen people destroy consoles. In fact, destroying consoles is pretty passé. But have you seen a man destroying consoles in a super high 4K resolution? Well, this is your chance.

The video is called rage quit and a PlayStation, an Xbox and a PlayStation 2 all get the sledgehammer treatment but I think the best part is watching a grown man rip consoles apart with his bare hands. That was definitely a highlight.

So if you happen to be sitting at home with one of those mega 4K PC set ups with the fancy monitor and whatnot, this might be worth checking out. If not, kindly watch another man destroy a console.


Thanks Luke for sending it in!


    I watched that because I was hoping he did indeed, have "bear" hands... :(
    he doesnt

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      Reminds me of this

    This would have been an amazingly fun video to record.

      It was so much fun! And surprisingly gratifying, haha.
      Hope you enjoyed it! :)

    I hate to be 'that guy' but we live in an era of ridiculous wealth disparity, and the least those of us sitting on our fat arses in the west could do is not smash $600 consoles for 'fun', especially when those consoles were probably made by people earning $2/day in China. This guy should sell all this stuff and give the money to someone who actually needs it.

      Hi Patrick!
      Luke here (the guy in the video).
      At the time of filming, all the consoles were faulty in one way or another. Most didn't read disks at all. Repairing them would have cost the same as buying another one.
      The televisions were acquired from the local tip. They were in line to be landfill. I figured getting a bit of entertainment out of them before their inevitable landfill fate wasn't too bad of an idea.
      And the flatscreen telly was fried. Again, the price to repair it would have been as much as I initially paid for it.

      So it wasn't a complete waste at all. Even I cringe when I see YouTube videos of brand new iPads and Playstation 4s get melted in microwaves. Those kinds of videos are certainly a waste. But the video above - not as big a waste as you may have thought. Hope that clears things up! :)

        Hey - thanks for replying - and that's really great that you made an effort not to smash perfectly good electronics!

    Why Is Every First Letter In This Article's Title In Capitals?

    Why did I only notice that it's the same with every article? D:

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    I Think Luke is a very creative talented young man using non working electronic s to create a video, well done Luke & great acting skills, can't wait to see more in the future.

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