Ocarina Of Time, Metroid Prime Speedrun Records Beaten

Ocarina Of Time, Metroid Prime Speedrun Records Beaten

It's been a big few days for people who like to watch other people play video games real fast: the world records for both Ocarina of Time and Metroid Prime have been beaten, the former in almost perfect fashion.

T3's Metroid Prime run of 0:55 is below.

And here's Cosmo Wright's Ocarina run, which he describes as "the best speed run I have ever done".

Or, try the best anyone has ever done, and may ever do (at least for a while). This is damn near perfect.

Note that he finishes the game in 18 minutes and ten seconds. The amount of time he's shaved off his own world records in just a few shorts months is insane.


    And here’s Cosmo Wright’s Ocarina run...where?

      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kYSDrAr3Hxg&list=UUAhuwIvlcSpjlrJALruursQ Here you go.

      this seems to be the run mentioned.

      Last edited 21/07/14 12:14 pm

        That's his old record his new time (8.10) is below

          Aye realized right after posting, was going to post the proper link but noted it had already been posted haha.

      http://www.twitch.tv/cosmowright/c/4703125 I think that's it.

      I think he accidentally the link.

        It's just one of the glitches. If there's no link, the game finishes.

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