October Is Going To Be An Insane Month For Video Games

October Is Going To Be An Insane Month For Video Games

Civilization: Beyond Earth will come out on October 24, publisher 2K Games announced today. And if your immediate reaction to that news is to wonder why everything is coming out in October, you're not alone.

The full schedule for October 2014 is insane. INSANE. Take a look (h/t Wikipedia):

October 3: Super Smash Bros. (3DS)

October 5: Skylanders: Trap Team

October 7: Alien: Isolation / Dragon Age: Inquisition / Driveclub / Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor / NBA 2k15 / NBA Live 15

October 14: Borderlands: The Presequel / Raven's Cry

October 21: Battlefield Hardline, Evolve, Fantasia: Music Evolved, Just Dance 2015, The Evil Within

October 24: Civilization: Beyond Earth, Fantasy Life

October 28: Assassin's Creed Unity, Sunset Overdrive, WWE 2K15

That's a lot of games. And we're not even counting the indies, digital releases and other surprises that haven't been announced yet (looking at you, Assassin's Creed Comet). Prepare your wallets — and sick days — accordingly.


    I was hoping to hold out till 2015 to go next gen but Evolve is reeling me in.

    That's quite a lot of meh right there.

    The only games that are guaranteed purchases are Dragon Age and Borderlands, the rest are going to be 'wait and see' (e.g. Evolve, Alien, Assassin's Creed)

      Really Dragon Age? I have been burnt too many times by Bioware/EA at this stage to consider that a Day 1 buy. I'll get it on sale. Civ for me

    I'll be all over Civilization: Beyond Earth

      I will be, but only for one more turn.

      ... This turn. Just this turn.

      ... ... I mean this one. There'll just be one more turn.

      ... ... ... Right, one more. Meaning this one. One more turn.

        I'd just recently thought I had been cured of Civ by the amazing folks at CivAnon. Damn...

        (10:30pm) I'll just finish this discovery and call it a night....
        (1:30am) I'll just finish this discovery and call it a night...

        Last edited 04/07/14 11:25 am

          ... before I forget, let me just do this one last turn... morning kids, hi wife, breakfast will be brought to you right after this turn.

        I am so glad that Civilization Syndrome isn't a condition unique to me :)


          http://www.civanon.org/ - You won't stop playing until you WANT to stop playing.

    Hm, not much on there that appeals to me. But then again I don't like paying full-price for games.

    I see a lot of sequels to games I havent-finished/sucked/not-interested. Driveclub, Evolve and Evil Within are looking pretty okay for now.

    I don't actually know how EA has the balls to release the next BF.


      Honestly among most of my friends i'm considered super critical of games and there are almost 10 titles within this 30 day (or a touch outside of it) window that I will be playing (how many I buy depends on their quality, say if DA turns out like DA 2).

      Its going to be crazy tbh.

    The only 2 I care about are the last 2. Can't wait

      Ooops I mean assassins creed and sunset overdrive

    I haven't upgraded to next gen yet, but even so, New Civ? New Borderlands? Smash on 3DS?

    I'mma spend so much money.

    So keen for Shadow of Mordor. Not even a Lord of the Rings fan, but damn this game looks good

    I'm already saving for September/October/November: Fifa 15, Destiny, Evolve, Halo, GTA V, Sunset Overdrive (maybe), CoD: Advanced Warfare is also looking tempting.

    I'm gonna skip NBA 2K from now on unless they introduce something completely fresh or vow to make the online service on par with the likes of Fifa.

    October 7... the day I went bankrupt

    For me I'll be buying
    - Borderlands: The Presequel
    - Assassin’s Creed Unity
    - NBA 2K15 or NBA Live 15 - Need to see if there any improvement from 2K14 or how much improvement there is on Live 15 from Live 14 (Live 14 was crap!!!)
    - WWE 2K15 (let's see how they do on the nex-gen consoles and hopefully the PS4 by that time will be update so you can play MP3's off the HDD (since I will be creating my own character, I would want my own enterance music)

    Dragon Age is the only one that's a definite for me. Probably will grab AC and Shadow of Mordor later in the year.

    There is a ton of stuff coming on the Vita from August onward and there's Destiny in September so I'd be kind of happy if October-November is a bit lighter than normal.

    damn, looks like there are a few sick games coming out soon
    Gonna have to work my ass off to build my PC over the next few days so that i can get started on some of these!

    Shadow of Mordor is the only one that interests me, probably won't buy it til Steam Xmas sales :)

    Good job Arkham Knight was put back otherwise October wouldn't see any daylight at all. As it is, I still won't see daylight with Civ, Borderlands and one of Shadows of Mordor or possibly The Evil Within

    All you people saying DA:Inq is the only guaranteed purchase at least hold off until user reviews. Those grubby pricks at EA don't deserve a dime after the colossal turd that was DA:2. If you liked DA:2 and thought it was a good game - well you have larger issues to deal with, carry on :P

    Dragon Age: Yes (Probably my final 360 game)
    Civ: Yes
    Alien: Eventually (though if money is good I might prebuy if GMG have a coupon at the time)
    Borderlands: Depends on when coop partners will get it
    Unity: Yes (probably if there's another cheap preorder thing like dickhead smiths did for watchdogs)

    Definitely Dragon Age, maybe WWE. Will have to see how it looks on new gen consoles.

    Hopefully this one too - "An Amazon retailer has reportedly posted the title's PS4, Xbox One and PC versions for pre-order, says Game Space. According to the outlet, the Amazon listing claims that "GTA 5" will be out 28th of October, 2014."

    There are a few games that I am interested, but Driveclub is the only one that I am really keen on picking up at the moment.

    Shadows of Mordor and the Pre-Sequel are the only ones im interested in. Ass creed Unity really feels like a step backwards for me when compared to Black Flag. the New Alien game doesnt intrest me in the slightest because its only 1 alien meaning that your going to fighting humans and androids most of the time. Id get wwe2k15 if it would come out on PC though

    I am curious about Aliens Isolation, but I am cautious after Colonial Marines. Maybe if the bundle it with some supersweet loot.

    Isnt' there a chance GTAV will be October too?

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