Oculus Rift Has Now Sold 100,000 Developer Kits

And that's just the development kits. What will happen when this thing finally gets a commercial release?

According to Gamasutra, Oculus has now sold 100,000 development kits of the Oculus Rift headset. Roughly 60,000 of the first kit were sold around the time of the initial Kickstarter and, according to Gamasutra, Oculus has taken over 45,000 pre-orders for the 2nd development kit, 10,000 of which are being sent out now before the end of July, with the rest being sent out in subsequent weeks.

That's a lot of development kits, especially when you consider that sales of the first generation Oculus Rift was only halted after certain parts were no longer being manufactured by suppliers.

It's an exciting time for Virtual Reality. The more development kits that are out in the wild the better. This means content is being worked on, creases are being ironed out on the fly — this is essentially a large scale, global beta for a piece of hardware and the lessons learned here will no doubt be applied to the commercial release of the rift.

Hopefully that comes sooner rather than later.

Oculus Rift has sold more than 100,000 dev kits [Gamesutra]


    Man I want a DK2 so badly. But I want a CV1 way more, and can't really justify shelling out another few hundred bucks for a stop-gap.

    Soon... soon...

      Sadly, "soon" is over a year away. That's why I took the plunge on the DK2.

        I dunno. I'm pretty confident it'll be within the next six months to a year.

          They have already "strongly hinted" that it's not being released until the end of 2015 ... and perhaps even longer after the Facebook buyout as they have more options available to them.

            They've also said that the CV1 hardware is pretty much locked in though. I can't imagine there would be much need for such a huge delay without all that stuff still to be finalised.

    I am so stoked for VR, have been developing since the oculus launch, and was a VR developer back in the late 80s on Atari Transputer hardware.
    I still think that it won't hit mainstream like people believe it will though. The experience is great, but even looking 5 years down the track, it will require a reasonably bulky, isolating headset, and only certain experiences really work well, and developing for it isn't easy or cheap to do.

    A lack of standards for input devices is also going to cause issues.

    I personally cant wait to play space shooters/exploration like Eve Valkyrie, Elite etc. and am currently loving iRacing with the Oculus Rift, but can't help feeling it will always be a niche product, like Steering Wheel controllers.

    What I really hope is that it revives the arcades, VR arcades are a better fit I think than home systems.

    im super pumped for this and im fighting every fibre in my inner Ces to not buy a Dev kit as im very hopeless in the Dev world
    but... but... but... its... so... preeeeety!

    I too have hovered at that buy button. Just couldn't justify it with my girlfriend's birthday approaching.. but after that....

    This is my birthday present this year, i can not wait.

    I honestly can't believe how cheap these are in comparison the FatShark goggles.
    I hope they are functional for FPV RC flying. I won't even have to reason out buying them!

    People need to stop injecting "separation" and "isolation" into the discussion as a flaw. THAT'S THE POINT. To be taken to a different world or reality. And the DevKits have done it exceedingly well even in these early stages. If it's not your thing to be removed from this world, fine, wear Glass. But get it out of your head that it's a flaw for a damn VIRTUAL REALITY system to remove you completely from your actual reality environment.

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