Off Topic: Greatest Disney Song Of All Time

I've been thinking a lot about this. Mainly because my son went through a phase of demanding to watch Disney on YouTube. I've seen all the classical musical numbers. I've seen them a thousand times. It got me thinking: what is the best Disney song of all time?

I think it's an insanely difficult, completely subjective question. But I have my own personal thoughts.

For example, I think 'Akuna Matata' is good, but it's just a rip off of 'Bear Necessities' from the Jungle Book, which is far superior.

I think that — pound for pound — Aladdin has better songs than The Lion King, but I also think that 'Can You Feel The Love Tonight' is better than 'A Whole New World'. I've argued for hours with my wife about this. Literally hours.

But my all time favourite? There are a few contenders — the afore-mentioned 'Bear Necessities' and 'Can You Feel The Love Tonight' must be up there. I think the 'Circle of Life' might be mine. It's certainly one of the most iconic.

What are some of your favourites? Let me know in the comments below.


    When you Wish upon a Star is still a classic.

    Not directly from a film, but Dave Brubeck's version of Someday my Prince Will Come from Dave Digs Disney is fantastic.

    1. You'll Be In My Heart - Phil Collins
    2. Can You Feel The Love Tonight - Elton John
    3. Hakuna Matata!

    Under the sea and I'll make a man out of you is right up there. Loved every Lion king song

      Problem with that is I only know it with one set of lyrics now...

      "There'll be no accusations, just friendly crustaceans, under the seeeeeaaaaa!"
      "That's your answer to everything, move under the sea. Well it's not going to happen!"
      "Not with THAT attitude"

        And those are the only lyrics you need to know...

        Haha, this is more or less what's behind my post below. The Disney songs no longer exist for me, they've all been replaced by the Simpsons versions.

          Without looking at your post, I'll assume that "See My Vest" earns an honourable mention :)

      Kingdom Hearts has sadly ruined Under The Sea for me. Stupid Atlantica...

    Oh geez! Now that's a tough question, there's just so many.

    It's short and sweet, but I've always loved this one.

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    1. Let it go - Idina Menzel

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    Not "Let it go"? Or is it because it's 3D so therefor it's not 'Disney'?

      Pshh, it's not even the best song in Frozen, let alone in a Disney movie!

        Agreed, I'm sick of the song already. Probably because I've already heard the song about a hundred times and I haven't even seen the movie.

          For what it's worth, the version in the movie shits all over the single version. Movie is a sweeping ballad that tells a story with a visual accompaniment and the single is repetitive trash. I do recommend the movie though as it hearkens back to classic 80's-90's disney in style

            I've pretty much only heard it at the end of the movie. When you work at a cinema you tend to hear the music that plays during the end credits a lot.

        Far from best Disney song but that's the only song I care for at all in that movie.

    I'm voting for "I wanna be like you" from the Jungle Book, as a personal favourite, but maybe not greatest. I love the scatting in it as well. Follow that with "Scales and Arpeggios" because I find it adorable. But these are just personal likes

    I can't help but choose"A Whole New World" as the cheesy a choice for greatest, but if I had to be as objective as I can to pick the subjective winner of Greatest, I would probably put this up there.

      Damn, I'd honestly forgotten all about it, but Scales and Arpeggios really is just tops.

    I'll make a man out of you from Mulan.

    Be our guest from Beauty and the Beast is great too (, but then so is No other man Like Gaston (

      I'm with you for Gaston. That song is awesome.

        mr burns did it better - see my vest! ;)

    Lion King - Just can't wait to be king

    Loved it as a kid still do, I think that is because my ego still thinks/wishes i am the King :P.

    Dumbo - the "hap-py, hear-ted, roustabouts!" when the work gang is putting up the circus in the rain. Still with me after 32 years of living.

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    Circle of Life, from the opening of the Lion King.

      I say yes, but only in the context of the 'cold' open to the movie. That whole sequence from the sunrise to the black "THE LION KING" title card, just incredible.

    Does daft punk's redemable soundtrack for tron legacy count?

    I want some love for "Part of Your World" from The Little Mermaid, but I can't listen to the song without hearing the parody that was recorded. "Not with fins, but with real genitalia...."

    What's gonorrhoea and why does it (what's the word?) Burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrn?

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    You've got a friend in me - Randy Newman (Toy Story theme tune)

      They like looking at bagth,
      And then they walk away,
      Tho their tailth are gonna wag,
      (You pay Randy now)

      I don't think that counts since it was made by pixar before they were bought by disney

    You see...

    Some men hunt for sport,
    Others hunt for food.
    The only thing I'm hunting for,
    Is an outfit that looks gooooood...

      See my vest? See my vest! (and so on)

    I like the Court of Miracles from Hunchback of Notre Dame as well as Be Our Guest from Beauty and the Beast. "Be Prepared" from The Lion King is also another one I like as well as Hakuna Matata. I don't know, it's hard to pick just one.

    Zippity Doo Dah (despite the racist nature of the film) is a great, fun song.

    You Ain't Never Had A Friend Like Me is killer.

    Bear Necessities from Jungle Book is fun too.

    And I'll throw in Hakuna Matata.

    I'll Make a Man Out of You and I Won't Say (I'm in Love) are the answers. Hercules is really underrated.

    Easy one.

    King of the Swingers from the Jungle Book. Can't be beaten.

    Anything from Beauty and the Beast, particularly the title song, 'The Mob Song' and 'Be Our Guest'.

    My short list:
    I wanna be like you with
    One jump ahead (Street rat)
    Be prepared

    Special mention to Circle of Life and Let it go but only when watching the movie, they really need the scene to work their magic.

    Edit* forgot oogie boogies song :'(

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    Do you need a break from modern livin'?
    Do you long to shed your weary load?
    If your nerves are raw and your brain is fried,
    Just grab a friend and take a ride
    Together out on the open road!

    -A Goofy Movie

    You ain't never had a friend never had a friend
    You ain't never had a friend never had a friend
    You ain't NEVER
    HAD A

      Seriously dude. You've just made me want to listen to that song so badly!

    Hoo boy, that's a toughie.

    The Broadway fan in me wants to say something like He Lives in You from The Lion King, or If I can't Love Her from Beauty and the Beast (I don't think anything from Aladdin on stage rates a mention, and let's not even talk about The Little Mermaid).

    But going for stage stuff is probably cheating, so I'll instead cheat a different way.

    Best Villain Song? I'm going to give it to Friends on the other Side from Princess and the Frog (Probably a controversial choice). Honourable mentions have to go to Be Prepared from The Lion King (of course), and Mother Knows Best from Tangled (Oh, and Hellfire from Hunchback. Nearly forgot that one, terrible form on my part).

    Best Duet? While we have to honour Can You Feel The Love Tonight, and A Whole New World, and I have a soft spot for Something There from Beauty and the Beast, I'm actually going to give it to For the First Time In Forever (Reprise) from Frozen.

    Best Chorus Song? I can't not give this to The Circle of Life (though I could create my own category for it). But Savages from Pocahontas deserves a mention, and Zero to Hero is one of the three good songs in Hercules, not to mention that The Mob Song from Beauty and the Beast is absolutely fantastic from a Gothic Lit analysis standpoint (also a great song).

    Best "comic relief character" Song? Friend Like Me wins. Kiss the Girl gets a close second for being rad, Zazu gets a mention for the truly woefully good jokes in The Morning Report (sort of cheating), and I'll slot the requisite mention to Be Our Guest here.

    Best Female Lead Song? Lots of decent choices here. Colo(u)rs of the Wind definitely deserves a mention, and you can't go past Part of Your World from The Little Mermaid. But I'm going to give it to I Won't Say I'm in Love from Hercules, for the dual power of mad sass, and Susan Egan.

    Best Male Lead Song? This one's kind of tough for me, what jumps to mind immediately for me is I Can Go the Distance from Hercules, but that's mostly because it's easy to sing that one while running around shopping centres, so it sticks in my brain. Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People deserves a mention for making me chuckle. One Jump Ahead can't not not not appear here, but the winner for here goes to Make a Man Out of You from Mulan, though the argument could be made that it fits better in the chorus section, and shut your goddamn mouth.

    Well, that's my cheating done.

    Obvious disclaimer that this is all my opinion, yadda yadda, and so forth.

      I can't remember how Friends on the Other Side went but I know that the one time I saw that movie I liked it. Otherwise yeah, Be Prepared was great. Even if my memories of it are mostly just the Elephant Graveyard in the SNES game being ridiculously hard.

        I think The Princess and the Frog is a really underrated Disney Movie. It's far from perfect, but it has some great songs, and I enjoyed the fact that every single character was a caricature.

        Also its animation is gorramn amazing.

          It's waaaaaay better than Frozen! \o/

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