Off Topic: What Are You Listening To?

It's been a while since we talked music and I've been slacking — give me some good new music to listen to! What's been tickling your fancy in the last six months or so?

Me? I haven't been listening to much new stuff over the last year. Actually, to be honest, I've just been listening to music from 2013, which is worrying. I like to at least try and keep up with some new stuff.

I've really been enjoying Haim's debut album Days Are Gone. I have no idea how I missed this when it first came out, as it feels as though it was tailor made for my tastes. But I did miss it, and I'm glad I found it. Love it to death.

What have you all been listening to? Any recommendations from 2014? Feel free to drop YouTube links below!


    I don't really follow today's music, it's weird and sounds like horrible noise to my 30 year old ears.

    That being said, I've got the new Weird Al album today and I'm going to listen to that as soon as WWE RAW is over.

      That being said, I've got the new Weird Al album today and I'm going to listen to that as soon as WWE RAW is over.

      Are you teenage me?

      (It's in Spanish but everyone should know it)

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        I think you were looking for this one:

    Lapalux - Without you

    Flume - Warm thoughts

    Flume - Sleepless

    Listen you wont regret it!

    I tend to 'discover' bands three years late...

    You know who's pretty awesome? Florence + The Machine!

      Flomo live is incredible!

        Yeah man, I bet. Listening to acoustic sets. Her voice! HOLY DAMN!

          This was my fave from the first show of hers I went to. Vid quality aint great, but those drums in time with the lights was incredible to see! Especially that bit at 2.52

          London Grammar's 'Strong' worth checking out if you haven't heard it. Similar sort of vibe. Their album isn't as strong as FATM's though.

        hmmm, dunno about that one - she lost me when she started trying to make the crowd make dog noises en masse. Maybe it just reminded me a bit much of Living in America....

    Earwolf Podcasts. Lol rarely listen to music these days...which is ironic cos I DJ on the weekends

      I don't mind an earwolf Podcast. Watching one of the movies on the 'How Did This Get Made' podcast then listening to it afterward is a weekly bus ritual.

        Man, I love HDTGM! I think that's literally the first one that got me into the other podcasts. ;)
        Right now listening to old Improv4humans eps

    I am currently listening to the Shovel Knight soundtrack along with Strike the Earth! Shovel Knight Arranged. Virt is one of my favourite composers. His Shantae work is fantastic and his music is more or less the only redeeming thing about Bloodrayne: Betrayal.

    Been feeling nostalgic recently, been listening to a lot of Faith No More, Soundgarden, RHCP - songs from my high school era. Good memories.
    Astronomy off Metallica's Garage Inc album instantly reminds me of Tomb Raider, Californication is Mario Kart. Great times.
    And of course, lots of Power Metal!!!!

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    Currently listening to the Watch_Dogs soundtrack and the Halo Reach soundtrack.

    Probably not helping, but after the film Linda Linda Linda, lots of Japanese music. Paranmaum, the band from the film, and also discovered Chatmonchy as a result, whom I'm loving to bits.

    Slow Club are streaming their new album too which is amazing. Check out their last too if you havent as yet, one of my faves.

    EDIT: Oh, if youre poking around at 2013, dont miss Savages if you happened to have missed them, super great album

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      Slow Club are the jam. Didn't know they were putting anything out this year!

    Currently at work listening to the OST from Rebuild of Evangelion

    The new Mastadon album - Once More Round The Sun, is awesome.
    Also got a song called Slow Dance by an unearthed high band, (The Missing), stuck in my head.

    Cj fly

    Joey badass

    The underachievers

    J cole

    Mostly this year for me

    Sasksqatch-born to break your heart
    Amity afliction-pitsbourgghggghh
    Rise against-saviour
    any gang of youths songs
    and soooo much more i cant think of.

    Sloppy Seconds, Batfoot, The Savages and lots of 50s and 60s rock n roll.

    The new Mastodon record is pretty great.

    I only have a handful of songs and two albums on my phone.

    The songs -

    Phil Collins - Easy Lover.
    Seal - Kiss From A Rose
    Maxi Priest - Close To You
    Johnny Cash - Cocaine Blues

    The Albums

    Gasaffelstein - Aleph
    The Best of Notorious BIG

    Alt-J will probably come back on in coming days after being thoroughly overplayed when it first got big but other than that just the weekly Joe Rogan Experience, Adam Carolla, Ian Wright, Frank Skinner and MMA Roasted podcasts.

    Currently making music actually. Trying to desperately finish our second EP. We make Indie Pop I guess you could call it.

    Coolest band I've found lately though are The Creases, their EP is coming out on the 25th of July. Everyone here seems to like the heavier stuff but just in case 80's influenced Shoegazey pop is your thing check them out.

      That song is pretty rad. I dig it.

      What's your band called? Chuck us a link.

        We're called Braves. We just had a line-up change which resulted in a new (or should I say two) vocalists. I say this because the vocals were probably the biggest point of contention with our previous material. So we're in the process of recording that new material with "better" vocals, the old ones weren't sung badly, it's just the singing voice was a bit, "off-message".

        We have two sort of sounds, the upbeat indie pop/rock vibe and the more 80s influenced sound. (I actually made this song about zombies)

        We've gotten some early success, played on Triple J, feature artist on Triple J Unearthed, had a song on US MTV's show Awkward, etc. Supported some cool eastern states bands such as Cloud Control, The Cairos and The Jungle Giants. Hopefully this year we'll get even further, would be a dream come true to play a festival.

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        I did respond to this but it's awaiting moderation! Too many links probably.

        We're called Braves

    My phone is getting a massive workout of great tunes at the moment. Here's the top 5 albums I've been rotating through at the moment.

    1. Every Time I Die - From Parts Unknown. Easily their best album since Hot Damn! A bit more thrashy and heavy then their last couple of albums, absolutely loving it.

    2. The Matches - Decomposer. My missus has gotten me on to these guys, loving them, it's a shame they broke up.

    3. Mikhael Paskalev - What's Life Without Losers. Managed to catch this guy and his band live earlier in the year, some of the best indie songs I've ever heard.

    4. A Day To Remember - Common Courtesy. Solid follow up to their last album, great tunes.

    5. letlive. - The Blackest Beautiful. These guys are so amazingly talented, and put on one of the most energetic live shows I've ever seen.

    6 (because I can). The Dillinger Escape Plan - One Of Us Is The Killer. Like ETID, these guys somehow managed to release one of their greatest albums yet.

      You should give the new Architects a shot, it's called Lost Forever, Lost Together.

      That Mikhael Paskalev album is half good, but the half that is good is goddamn excellent. I Spy, Jive Babe, Remember You, Come On.

    Currently rotating through a few albums.

    Purity Ring - Shrines
    Lorde - Pure Heroine
    Confession - Life and Death
    Kanye West - Yeezus
    The Amity Affliction - Let The Ocean Take Me
    Architects - Lost Forever, Lost Together
    The Devil Wears Prada - 8:18
    The National - Trouble Will Find Me
    Childish Gambino - Because The Internet

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      I gave Yeezus one try when it came out and was disgusted...maybe should try again.

        It's absolutely not for everyone, but I really, really dig it.

      are you me???
      iHow good is because the internet. So much great story telling.
      gambino is in fact a mastermind.

        Pretty damn good. As far as storytelling goes, while very good, it doesn't even compare to Good Kid, M.A.A.D City. Kendrick absolutely killed with that album.

          I used to love Gambino until I heard Chance The Rapper. He's doing a similar thing, just better.

          And actually has a song with Gambino too.

            Already on Chance the Rapper too. Acid Rap was pretty rad. I think I prefer Gambino, but I'm not sure if that's because I had a prior attachment to Donglover before I heard his music.

      Nice taste. While I don't like a lot of those artists a whole lot I can tell you've got a varied and open mind about music. Check out Chvrches if you like Purity Ring. It's a bit more straight-forward in terms of songwriting but the songs are damn catchy.

        Mate, I'm all about Chvrches. Saw them at Laneway in January, really great set.

          Haha ok how about this:

    Podcasts galore. Usually go periods of just podcasts or just music.

    Music wise still a few tracks that I'll stick on at the moment, eg:

    Follow me - Muse
    Out the blue - Sub Focus
    Ease my mind - Skrillex
    Tied up too tight - Hard-Fi (BBC1 Radio Live Lounge)

    Podcast wise:

    Ten minute podcast (have been addicted since episode 1)
    The Skeptics Guide to the Universe
    NBA Hang Time
    Sleek Geeks
    StarTalk Radio
    The Bugle

    I've had Muse's catalogue on constant repeat in my car of late.

    Listening to allot of Opeth, Mastodon, Gojira and the Sword lately. I use Pandora allot at work and at home on the xbone.

    Forever the Sickest Kids, Mayday Parade, a Day to Remember, the usual suspects :)

    Guerilla Radio - Rage Against The Machine

    I randomly got this song stuck in my head on the weekend, i hadn't even heard it in who knows how long. Then saw the article re Neversoft and had to listen to it!!

    I generally listen to Australian Country Music. I always have Ted Egan or Slim Dusty in the back ground when playing an MMO.

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