Off Topic: What Food Do You Absolutely Hate?

Let's talk about food. Feel free to talk about the food you love, but what I'm really interested in is the food you hate! The idea of personal taste is so strange to me — that I can love mushrooms but my wife can't even look at them. That my wife adores olives but they make me want to vomit. Such a strange thing.

On the whole, I tend to eat almost anything. I don't think of myself as fussy. I've eaten some weird things in my time: lamb's brain, insects. I'll generally try anything once.


Olives are horrible. I don't like artichokes for some reason.

That's pretty much it.

My wife will not eat mushrooms. EVER. I love mushrooms. I love garlic mushrooms, I love mushrooms is my bolognese I love mushrooms in my scrambled eggs — but I can't add mushrooms to anything I cook. It's brutal.

Anyway, what food do you guys and girls completely despise?


    Olives and Seafood for me. I can eat some fish under specific conditions, I think it psychological..

      heh, same as my list too. I'll eat salmon cooked cleanly when it is more or less by itself on the plate, I can eat calamari if it isn't rubbery but that's it.

      I have had an issue with fish ever since I was about three. We went to a fish farm in the UK, caught our own fish and I was forced to clobber one to death with a stick. Then eat it later. It tasted revolting and the whole affair put me off fish completely. Taste and texture aversion both.

      Many years later on a trip to Japan with my Dad, I tried sashimi and found I had no issues with it and actually really liked it, so raw fish was fine. Additionally I'm okay with most shellfish (except cooked oysters) and completely fine with squid and so on. So earlier this year I started having really mild fish cooked with sauces and stuff to try and get used to it a bit, and found that with the right fish and the right recipes, I actually enjoy it. Slowly widening what I can have by trying more fishy stuff. I'm completely over the issues I had with the texture of it now too.

      Still can't stand tinned fish though. Something about the canning process accentuates that gross oily fishy taste and smell.

        I suspect this is a common phenomenon then, I can't eat most fish too. I can however, eat prawns, crab, battered calamari, and cans of tuna liberally mixed with Kewpie mayo and whatever hot sauce I have lying around.

    I will eat raw mushroom in a salad, but I will not eat a cooked mushroom in anything.

      Some people find them slimey once cooked.
      My mum growing up wouldnt eat mushrooms, but one day out of the blue did and loved them, very strange.

      The only thing i wont eat is capsicum, i can smell and taste that filthy vegetable a mile off.

      Here's a link explaining why it's not the best to eat mushrooms raw, even the common supermarket ones.

      And maybe you should all just try some different mushrooms to what the supermarket sells. Porcini will blow your mind, shiitake is great too. As are saffron milk caps and others. They are VERY different to the ones supermarkets sell which are all the same variety, agaricus bisporus, just at different stages of growth.

        Here's a link explaining why it's not the best to eat mushrooms raw, even the common supermarket ones.

        Generally considered carcinogenic and difficult for humans to digest. I think that probably applies to lots of things that I eat. #yolo

        And maybe you should all just try some different mushrooms to what the supermarket sells.
        Fair call. I haven't tried a broad variety.

    Olives, anchovies. Yoghurt. I used to loathe mushrooms but over the last 10 years I've tried to eat them a little bit and converted. Olives will never be on my plate though.

    Cantaloupe/Rockmelon: Never developed the taste for it. I can tolerate it if it's mixed into a juice or a fruit salad where other flavours drown it out, but not on its own.

    Boiled Eggs: More of a texture thing for me. I was allergic to them as a kid, and never developed a taste for them. Any other style of egg is fine, but not boiled.

      Same here, I have never liked rockmelon. I think that's about it, I'll eat pretty much anything else.

      Cantaloupes must have been cheap at some point when I was a kid, as mum used to serve them up for dessert so often it got the point where I said I didn't like them to get out of having to eat them. I was completely over them. So, I can eat them now, but I choose not to more often than not. I really don't like basil. Pesto is vile. But I LOVE coriander and a lot of people can't stand that.

    I'm much the same Mark, I'll try anything, there really isn't anything I won't eat - no, just thought of it, fennel. Can't stand it, but I'll eat aniseed rings all day long.
    How would you describe the insects? I'd love to try them but haven't as yet.

      I was culturally guilted (I reckon that's a thing) into trying fried grasshoppers, which were placed in front of me in Japan. I went for the crunchiest, most overcooked one in the bowl - kind of like the brittle bits of fries that are left at the bottom of the bag.
      It didn't go down too badly - in fact, well enough that I figured I'd give another one a crack. The next one was bigger and exploded its guts against the inside of my cheeks when I bit down on it. I gagged, and spent the next two hours trying to worry the remnants of its legs out of my teeth with my tongue. I thoroughly do NOT recommend insects.

    Seafood, nearly all varieties.
    There is some fish I will be able to stomach, but all shelled sort of seafood is disgusting.
    Vegemite; the smell alone makes me gag.

      I agree with everything you say except the vegemite. It makes such a tasty breakfast.

    It is the devils food and should be eradicated for the noxious weed that it is!!!

      Yup. It's all in the genes, apparently those with a certain gene find Coriander to taste like soap, which really kind of ruins any dish it's in.

        Interesting. I know a few people who hate coriander and I've never understood it as I find it a pretty unobtrusive flavour.

          I find it completely obtrusive in a good way. It has such a unique flavour and there are so, so many dishes that can be enhanced bit a bit of coriander, either as an ingredient or sprinkled on top garnish style.

          More info -

            I just learned something! I always assumed it was sauce-bearnaise syndrome.

        My brother thinks fresh coriander smells like dead ants.

        I love the stuff, though. Really enjoy a sprinkle of fresh coriander on noodles and salad.

    I'm super judgemental (to the point of absurdity?) about adults who "hate" certain foods - it feels so childish to me. My kids "hate" lots of foods, but the more we persevere (and continue to read them Green Eggs and Ham) the more they start to try them and eventually develop a taste for them.

    But once a person becomes and adult, they don't have to learn to develop a taste for certain foods because they're their own boss and nobody can tell them what to do, so they just never bother. Through childish laziness some people just miss out on huge ranges of the food spectrum, like seafood or curry! It just hurts to think about all that pleasure they're missing out on because they are stuck in such a childish mentality. Grow up!

    You do not like them. SO you say. Try them! Try them! And you may. Try them and you may I say!!!!

    Having said all that, I hate cooked chunky tomato, can't stand it! EEUGH! Gross, get that shit away from me. :P

      Totally agree, We went to an Asian restraunt the other day with my parents, my dad refused to the point of childishness to try satay sauce on a spring roll.
      but the killer is that he refuses to eat pineapple and my mum refuses to eat mushrooms.
      their logic makes no sense to me as they haven't had this food since as long as I remember as they just flat out refuse.
      When I cook, I use mushroom in absolutely everything (that and spinach), in retort I usually refuse to leave it out of a dish, if mum wants to be childish about it and pick out all the little pieces she is welcome to, but I won't sacrifice the full dish for the sake of something that just makes no sense (mushroom barely changes a flavour either so I just don't get it)
      It makes buying a pizza particularly annoying as I love both pineapple and mushroom but neither of them will eat a supreme or a ham and pineapple unless the ingredients are removed from it. It just reminds me of being a 10 year old.
      I have an aversion to certain foods (Olives and anchovies for instance and cucumber is the spawn of satan) but I still begrudgingly eat them although will avoid if given the option.
      It just doesn't seem like the mature thing to do to stand up and make a song and dance about refusing to eat a certain food because I didn't like it upteen years ago (probably from external influences) and refuse to change my ways and try it again or acknowledge my tastes might have expanded since I was 10.

      I agree in that I find people who hate entire cuisines are generally pretty childish. The “I hate chinese food” crowd really gets me all the time. Really? You hate chinese food? Do you even know what chinese food is? Do you have any clue how much food varies from region to region in China?

        I have a 60 year old relative who refuses to eat pretty much everything unless he can have tomato sauce with it. I don't get how people can think that.

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      I know a guy who is an adult and super fussy. He is in his 40's at least, has a wife and 3 kids. Kicker is that his wife is an amazing cook and makes great stuff. She will make something separate for him.

      He will eat only 2 kinds of cereal, tomato soup, plain chicken, sausage, steak, no veggies except potato and I think either carrots of peas. Bread and a few other things.
      I can't understand it.

        That's crazy. I have a young relative who is very similar, but with an even more restricted diet (no veggies, barely any fruit, no meat etc, mostly just bread). I have no idea how he is not terribly sick from it. He'd been enabled his entire childhood to not have to try any food and I'm worried he won't be able to ever break out of that.

        It's just funny when you become a parent and you hear your kids saying "I don't like strawberries" and you know it's just because they're being kids... and then you hear an adult say "I don't like seafood" and you wonder why people think it's okay for a grown up to be fussy.

          Kids are funny. My not quite 2 year old will sometimes refuse to try something new. However if the same thing is on my plate and I'm eating, it's obviously awesome and he wants a bite of that.

          edit - Just remembered that a work colleague does not eat anything green. Gets salad substituted for chips, doesn't eat garnish etc.

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            I do that. Salad is just so damn boring to me that I’d prefer chips. That said, I have a vegie shake every night to even it out.

          I'm 38 and I hate seafood. I used to eat it as a kid, but now I can't stand it. Just the smell of it makes me want to throw up. Same with bananas. It's fine for "grown-ups" to not like stuff, as long as they're making sure their kids know that sometimes we all have to eat things we don't like because it helps our bodies and brains work properly.
          I just don't think it's childish to not like certain foods. As an adult you've earned the right to choose what you eat, whether it's good or bad it's your decision and you have to live with it.

            I don't know how you "earn the right" to choose what to eat though - unless you went through years of eating things you didn't like as a sort of culinary initiation of suffering that was your childhood, culminating in a final test of endurance by downing a dozen raw oysters. :)

            Okay, seafood is a hard one because some people are really put off by the smell, not the easiest food to get used to if you're not. I feel bad that you're missing out on seafood, but it's well within my range of semi-reasonable dislikes.

            But what if a grown up said the same thing about all vegetables or fruit? I would absolutely lose a little bit of respect for a grown up saying "I'm an adult now so I don't have to eat my veggies, I just want to eat meat!" - being older doesn't make a person an adult, acting like an adult does.

            Hehe I don't know how I can continue arguing this without insulting people personally, so I might stop now with one final "You're all a bunch of fussy fuss-pots, and if I was your dad you'd learn to love whatever food you say you don't like or so help me there'd be hell to pay!". ;)

              As a child I really did have to try a whole bunch of different stuff, and eat all manner of things I didn't like so yes, I really did earn my right to choose not to eat seafood! Except I do eat it on occasion, because it's good for me. :P That is also my right to choose.

    Chickpeas. I lived with a vegitarian woman who used to cook them in meals about 5 times a week. The house used to constantly smell like chickpeas. I do not miss that smell!

    There's generally nothing I won't eat, but there's some caveats.

    Tomato, love cooked or in sauces. Not a giant fan of them raw.
    Salmon has to be done right. Probably my least favourite fish.
    Anything meat that still resembles the original animal, can't touch it. Examples such as whole fish, pig on a spit, etc. Makes me feel physically ill. Maybe it's something about eyes. Prawns that have the head removed I'm fine with, even though they resemble the original animal. Never thought about this in any detail.

    Apart from that, I'm pretty easy going with food. I think food preferences are learned (nurture vs nature) - I don't think there's any kind of genetic predisposition to liking or disliking certain foods. Well, actually that's not right. Coriander / Cilantro enjoyment has been shown to be genetically linked... I'm just talking out my ass now.

    Celery. That thing has such a strong disgusting taste. I classify it as a garden weed, not a vegetable.

      I'm in the middle with celery. I'll tolerate it in a dish/soup or whatever, but by itself it's just nasty. Such a weird taste.

        I can't stand the shit in anything. It just ruins the taste as soon as it touches my mouth. It's like the taste equivalent to a bit of sandpaper in a bowl of icecream - extremely jarring and very unpleasant.

        Parents are european and they hate it too. Said they never even saw it before coming here.

    Oh man. TOMATOES. Seriously. The revulsion these things evoke for me is immeasurable. 30+ years of testing have narrowed it down to the physical consistency. Taste is fine - tomato sauce, tomato paste, tomato soup - hell, even tomato juice is OK. But raw tomato is just awful. Even the smell of someone cutting fresh tomato is awful.

    Further to that, pineapple is the same. Taste is fine, but the physical fruit itself is just wretched. Stringy, weird consistency that makes me gag.

    Strangely, I also hate fruit pretty much across the board. Except for staples like apples or maybe bananas. But on the flipside, I can't think of a single vegetable I'm not happy with. Even brussel sprouts are good. Freshly cooked vegetables are amazing, but fruit is weird.


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      Pretty much agree with everything you say.... especially pineapple.... Love pineapple juice, but the raw fruit is fucking vile..... As is most fruit....

      If it's any consolation, fruit is basically the semen of the plant world.....

      EDIT: And yes, vegetables are awesome!

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      Wow, I've never seen such passionate fruit hatred before. Can't say I relate in that respect, except for kiwifruit. My mouth has a love-hate relationship with those things. Sometimes I really crave them, but they do something really strange to the back of my tongue. Like a weird fuzzy feeling. Unpleasant.

      Re: tomatoes, my dog used to go nuts whenever I'd cut them. Don't know if it was the smell or the sound but something told her that they were delicious and must be eaten. Then I'd give her some and she'd turn her nose up at them every time.

      NOOOO GINGER IS AMAZEBALLS!!! How could you ;_;

    Seafood and mushrooms. I forced myself to eat seafood on a date once and I can still taste it, years later.

      Sounds like that date ended in an interesting night if you still get the taste of seafood ;)

    Onions!! Of any kind. I hate them. HATE THEM!!!

      Totally agree with this! I actually can't stomach them well though, I got a gene from Dad that makes me physically feel horrible and bloated. Problem is I've developed a pavlovian response to the taste so any onion and my mind immediately tells me to shelve that shit before I feel like Dilbert's Dad at the buffet :/

    Avocado. It is the most obnoxious of fruits! When I don't like something in a salad (like tomatoes for instance), I can pick around them and still enjoy it. But avocado makes a point to smear itself all over every other ingredient and also the damn salad tongs!

    Nature's butter my ass...

      I'm with you their buddy I made the mistake to first try avocado on a foot long sub worst taste had to scrap as much as possible before I could bear to eat it ruined my lunch

    Any type of seafood. Particually Tuna, as soon as that smell wofts near me I commence with the gagging.

    I've adopted a mantra over the past few years, since moving to Sydney and dining at some of the finest restaurants: look for the enjoyment in every possible type of food. If someone likes that food, then there is a reason for that and I want to try find it and experience it. It may sound silly and you may disregard the idea as preposterous...but it has genuinely worked.

    Apart from mustard and dark chocolate. They can fuck right off.

    Eggs, Mushrooms, Bananas, Avocado, Olives, Anchovies, and nearly all types of Seafood. I'll pretty much eat anything else.

    Seems like it may be a texture thing for me. I still try them all semi-regularly to see if my tastes have changed, but it's usually a resounding no.

      hmm. I also don't like a lot of types of ham. Perhaps that stems from the smoked flavor though, as I've had plenty of Christmas hams that dominate all.

        Ask your Deli section for ham off the bone, it is the least processed ham and actually tastes like ham (it is what Christmas ham comes from I think). The one warning is it is 20 plus dollars a kilogram

    I enjoy eating pretty much everything - except alfalfa sprouts - those are vile.

    I've found most people will say that they enjoy eating everything and that they're not picky, but once you get into the details it turns out they don't like spicy food, seaweed, oysters, asparagus and all manner of other deliciousness. I learnt from my dad that just because you don't enjoy something once doesn't mean that next time you won't have different expectations and find something to savor.

    Edit: All this food talk.. I'm going downstairs to make an open-grilled turkish bread sandwich with chedder, olives, mushroom, grilled capsicum and pesto... mmm, you cowardly olive-haters don't know what you're missing out on.

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    I love everything everyone's already listed on the page, and was struggling to think of anything I don't like. A couple reminded me of some things though.

    Eggs - I absolutely HATE a hard yolk. Scrambled is fine, but if the egg is still with yolk intact then it needs to be runny, otherwise it's just gross. And the guy mentioning disliking salmon - between the two, I love salmon but am not that big a fan of tuna. There are some tuna dishes that I love, but generally I'm not that big on it.

    Otherwise yeah food is pretty rad.

    Olives. Mushrooms. A lot of things really, but I eat it anyway, except olives. Nope to olives.

    Don't like mangoes. I dont hate them. I just don't like them.

    Garlic can be so good at times.

    Blue cheese. It tasted like being punched in the balls and all I could smell was feet for the next six hours.

      Yep. I'm with you there, one of my uncles is of an Italian background, so one christmas, his parents brought some blue cheese over, and begged me to try it... "it's the most amazing thing ever, you'll love it..."

      It tasted like dust and feet.

    Mushrooms... I've tried and tried, they taste like rubber and they smell like my brothers socks from when he used to be a tradie.

    I used to hate Avocado and Olives, now I love them.

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