One Day Our Superhero Gamers Will Earn Some Respect

One Day Our Superhero Gamers Will Earn Some Respect

As teams of professional gamers battle for a $US5 million prize in Seattle, our first look at Adam Sandler, Josh Gad and Peter Dinklage suited up for the action comedy Pixels is soaking in '80s gamer dork stereotype.

From an animated short that celebrated gamingto a full-length motion picturethat — well, I guess it's supposed to still be a celebration, but it just looks so awkward. In this Entertainment Weekly shot (via Polygon), we see arcade heroes of old the way many gamer kids felt back in the 80s — awkward and out-of-place, clinging tenaciously to virtual accomplishments that made us feel special.

The movie's about an alien race that's mistaken old video game footage for threats, turning our seeming greatest weapons against us, forcing the President of the United States to call upon his childhood friends and former video game champions for help, so the fact that we get a trio of goofy misfits comes as no surprise.

Eventually we'll all get over that, and when the president needs to call on video game pros, they will look just like regular people.

And yeah, I am a little jealous of the mullet.


    Is Peter Dinklage going to become the new Adam Sandler?

      I dread to ask what happened to the old one?

      Probably the new Rob Schneider ;)

        Peter Dinklage a derp a derp a durr.

        Last edited 21/07/14 6:48 am

    Both Dinklage and Michelle Monaghan are above this. Having seen how mean-spirited and occasionally racist Sandler's recent works have become, the inclusion of Peter Dinklage in this cast makes me very unesasy.

      I am hoping it is more a Peter Dinklage movie that Adam Sandler just happens to be in rather than the other way round.

      There's that whole "Yay, paedophilia" thing in That's My Boy too.

      I've been avoiding anything with Sandler in the credits for a few years now. As far as I can tell most of his recent movies revolve around his character being incredibly stupid. "Never go full retard."

      Entirely agree... gotta pay them bills I guess.

    I guess it's going to be a movie length version of that Futurama "Tales of Interest" segment. I'd be mildly intrigued if Sandler wasn't involved.

      There was a time long ago when a new Sandler movie was something to look forward to. I miss those days.

        I do wonder if his new movies are objectively worse, or if he just failed to grow and mature at the same rate as the rest of the world.

          I dunno, I still get a kick out of Happy Gilmore and Billy Madison. My pick would be that they are truly getting objectively worse. Big style.

          There's a great extended Jack & Jill review on Red Letter Media where they go through Adam Sandler's enterprise. The dude is running a Springtime for Hitler scheme. He makes these movies as cheaply, quickly and lazily as possible, but pays himself $30 million to produce and star in each of them and tips his cohorts like Rob Schneider millions for cameos. That's why these Happy Madison budgets are so high. Then he pumps them so full of product placement that they're essentially profitable even before taking into account ticket sales.

          As for the arrested development, Sandler obviously knows what he's doing and doesn't care. Watch Funny People where he basically plays himself as a self-loathing comic who sold out to make shitty lowbrow comedies which are eerily similar to his real life movies.

            Thanks for pointing that out. I watched the video, and it is pretty interesting how he can manipulate the system to generate millions from a movie with no redeeming features.

            Unfortunately the RLM guys seem to be a lot better at pointing out other people's problems than they are at spotting them in their own work. Those videos could have been a quarter of the length and still sufficiently covered all the interesting points.

    People used adam sandler as an excuse, he's more of a prop to the public in the way any moron can say they hate adam sandler or michael bay and film knowledge is immediately assumed.

      I'm not sure anyone would really give that much cred in terms if assuming someone has 'film knowledge' if someone acknowledges that Adam Sandler is a bit shit...that sounds like a personal problem to me.

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