One Of The Best JRPGs Comes To PC Next Week

If you read Random Encounters with any regularity, you have probably seen me obsess over The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky, a wonderful role-playing game that came out for the PSP back in 2011.

Excellent news for anyone who somehow missed it: Trails will be out on Steam and GOG next Tuesday, July 29. This version is just $US20, and it's full of improvements — wide-screen resolution support, 60 FPS, etc.

If you're into lengthy turn-based role-playing games with deep, twisty stories, I cannot recommend this game enough. The only big downside is that it ends on one hell of a cliffhanger, though we should see the sequel, "Second Chapter," this year too. (SC was originally slated for this summer, but XSEED has since announced that it probably won't be out until later this year.


    This is an absolutely excellent JRPG and if you like these sorts of games at all it should definitely be on your purchase list. The Trails games are massively underrated and overlooked and they don't deserve to be at all.

      hmmm, I might give it a go! Recently I discovered a lot of those underrated games, fascinated !

      They're only underrated and overlooked in the west because of low exposure. You ask any Asian gamer and they'll know about it. Same with other series like Ys.
      One good thing about being Chinese is that these games get translated not long after they're released in Japan if not a same day release. It's kind of sad to only see these games released in English now seeing as the game is 10 years old and SC is 8 years old...
      You'd hope that the reception is good so they'll release Trails in the Sky 3rd as well, otherwise it'd suck for anyone wanting to know the rest of the story.

        I'm probably off base a bit on this, but I suspect that translating Japanese to Chinese text is a lot less work than to English? Apparently XSeed's release of the first chapter took an enormous amount of work and barely broke even. They love doing them but they generally can't afford to devote people to them due to the workload involved, which is why they outsourced the translation of Trails in the Sky SC to Carpe Fulgur.

        If they do decide to move to 3rd (especially if Steam releases of the other two parts do well for them) then they might be able to put more people onto it and get stuff done faster, plus 3rd is quite a bit smaller (about 60-70% of the sze) in terms of text to translate, based off the sizes of the printed texts:

        I'm hoping that they can grow the audience in the west a bit so that maybe Sony will do something like they've done with Sen no Kiseki's Chinese release and pitch in some assistance. Once they get to Sen they're going to run into trouble - Falcom no longer has a PC development division, and Sen is console & handheld-only, plus if it takes them ~18 months to translate each game that means you're looking at Sen no Kiseki some time in 2019 or 2020 and they're going to be back in the same position they are with the PSP games - miles behind and no reason to want to release the games for Vita or PS3. It's a pretty sorry state of affairs all around. :(

          Yeah, Japanese to Chinese is heaps easier, and cheaper, since Japanese was originally derived from Chinese and the languages have a lot in common. Also there's no lack of translators.

          It's a pity they don't develop for PC anymore, I like Falcom's games.

            Not really. While the share origins, Japanese still uses a lot of non-kanji, and as often as not the modern Chinese kanji and Japanese kanji are different(not that big of a deal, but it needs to be checked). Then you have grammar differences. Japanese is actually closer to Korean than either of the Chinese languages.

              Err...I was saying that Japanese is easier to translate into Chinese than into English, not what the Japanese language is closest to...
              Also, many Chinese people know Japanese to a degree, especially the elderly in Taiwan (since Japan invaded in WWII and started to integrate into their society), so there are more people available to do translations than there are for Japanese to English.

              The majority of Japanese kanji is simplified Chinese with the rest being traditional Chinese. There are only a handful of truly original kanji, like "koori" (氷), the Japanese word for "ice".

              You give a Japanese text to a Chinese person and we'd be able to understand 20-50% of it just from the kanji alone.

              Korean was also derived from Chinese but they don't use as much kanji as Japanese and more Korean characters, but many words sound very similar to their Chinese equivalent.

    Where can I get this, I have been looking for anime JRPGS out of final fantasy, and cyberstep.

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