One Piece Might Last Another Decade

One Piece Might Last Another Decade

For those worried that One Piece might be ending sooner rather than later, don’t be. In a recent interview, the manga’s creator, Eiichiro Oda, says he won’t be slowing down anytime soon.

“After 17 years, after more and more new characters being created in the story, I couldn’t stop inspiration coming into my head,” Oda told ChinaTimes (via OPForum). “I think I can continue drawing for another decade.”

Oda then added that new characters will be joining the One Piece crew.

The famed manga creator’s busy work schedule is rather infamous. In 2012, Oda said he slept from 2am to 5am, spending his waking hours hard at work on One Piece. “I have no days off,” he said at the time. “If I had them, I’d want to go on vacation with my family. I just want to go outside, it doesn’t matter where. See, I don’t get out much.”

In the recent ChinaTimes interview, Oda added, “As I’m getting older, I’ve slightly adjusted my sleep time. I go to bed at 8 (morning) and wake up at 12 (noon), making sure that I have 4 hours of sleep. Don’t need to worry about my health, it’s all fine now.”

尾田栄一郎:航海王冒險再10年 [ChinaTimes via rio [email protected]One Piece Forum]


  • “Like the cleaning of a house… It Never Ends”. Thank you Simpsons.

  • Just another reason why Im glad I never understood how this was so popular and never got into it.

    • A lot of the time people say things like after 50 chapters/episodes it starts getting good. This puts a lot of people off because the way it is framed makes people think it is crap for the first 50 episodes.

      It’s not, it is good from the beginning – it becomes great around 50 episodes in and the quality only increases from there.
      Then the problem is there are like 650+ chapters to read through, you don’t have to do it all in one sitting although many people give it a shot – not because they’re told to but because they want to.

      The hardest thing I have found is frequently people think the art is weird, it’s done deliberately to ensure each arc has a very specific theme so when you see it referenced later in the manga it is easy for you to know which arc it is referencing just based on the art style unique to that arc.

      But yeah some people can’t get into it – and there is nothing wrong with that – but those of us who are will continue to enjoy it for you 😛

      • It was mainly the art style. Its certainly not length as I still masochistically enjoy Bleach but given that and the fact I never understood why Cowboy Bebop and Guren Lagen were so popular either maybe whatever preferences I have towards anime / manga are just weird…….?

        Different strokes and all that I suppose!

  • I only just started watching the first season. I honestly don’t know why. I guess I just wanted to jump on board with what so many others say is so awesome.

    • I did that two years ago, it was ok but then around the 60th episode mark something clicked and I got really into it. Took me 4months and 2 weeks of solid watching to catch up though, havnt watched it in ages cause Ive been away.

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