One-Woman Choir Takes On Game Of Thrones

One-Woman Choir Takes on Game of Thrones

The finale to Game of Thrones' fourth season had some really nice music. Now, if we take that music, and add one of YouTube's greatest cover artists, what we get is something truly magical.

Malukah is mostly known for her renditions of various video game tunes — she even composed a song for The Elder Scrolls Online — though she's been known to dabble in other kinds music as well. Here, she recreates the children's choir heard at the end of Game of Thrones' last season, using just her own voice, to an absolutely brilliant effect:

Note that this isn't Malukah's first foray into Game of Thrones music, so if you enjoyed that, I strongly urge you to give her version of "Rains of Castamere" a listen too.

Game of Thrones Theme & The Children Cover [malufenix@YouTube]


    "using just her own voice" ... and a guitar, two types of drums, a keyboard, a gong, and other stringed instruments heard but not shown, and computer processing on all of the above. *slow clap*

      Sure, it looks bad if you leave out the context before it, "she recreates the children's choir". None of the instruments have anything to do with the choir portion, they're accompaniments. If you're going to nitpick details, you kinda need to get them right.

      None of this detracts in any way from the fact she's a talented musician and this is a great sounding piece.

    JasonYangViolin rocks it in significantly better. Malukah's Skyrim song however is rather amazing.

    I love Malukah. Her Mass Effect and Skyrim songs are fantastic.

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