Paintball Can Be Badass With A Counter-Strike Sniper Rifle

Paintball Can Be Badass With A Counter-Strike Sniper Rifle

The Asiimov skin for the AWP sniper rifle in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive can be a pricey one, $30 or a lot more if you’re not lucky. So buying one might not be the best idea. But modifying a generic paintball marker to match the one in CS:GO? That’s much better.

Gaboer did just that and the result is really impressive. He should be rewarded with an AWP in-game for this. And it’s not just a simple repaint either. The original marker looks like this:

So it must have been a long way to the finished product.

via Gaboer [imgur, via Reddit]


  • I miss paintball. Was into it a lot in the US, but dropped it when I moved to AU because the laws here are (were?) really stupid, and now thanks to illness and such my body could never handle playing. But man, was it a lot of fun.

    This looks pretty great, but entirely useless in actual play unless you are, maybe, in huge field CTF woodsball. It’s just too huge an unwieldly for most play though. And white and orange is just begging ‘shoot here’. 😉

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