Parents Allegedly Sold Children To Buy Virtual In-Game Items

Parents Allegedly Sold Children to Buy Virtual In-Game Items

A young unmarried couple in China are accused selling not one but two of their children to human traffickers. The money they got was used for gaming.

As reported on Guangdong TV (via Sina Games and Games in Asia), the young parents' first son was unplanned. Instead of supporting the child, they allegedly sold the baby boy to child traffickers in Fujian.

Parents Allegedly Sold Children to Buy Virtual In-Game Items

The mother got pregnant again, and, in an interview, explained that the father "likes buying items in online games, and he likes staying out all night at internet cafes." Because the couple was apparently using their money for the father's gaming, the parents then allegedly sold their second son to traffickers to avoid a financial burden.

As Games in Asia points out, child trafficking is very much a problem in China, where it is illegal. Kids are apparently sold to other parents or street gangs or even to people overseas.

The grandfather of these children eventually reported the couple, who are now awaiting trial, to the police.

94后男子为买游戏装备2次卖儿 其父报警 [Sina Games via Games in Asia]


    Pretty sure child trafficking would be illegal in most places around the world...

    Now that's messed up. The total disregard for a defenceless human life.

      yep that's china for ya

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