Doom 4 Is A Reboot. And It’s Not Called Doom 4.

Doom 4 Is A Reboot. And It’s Not Called Doom 4.

The game’s been in development… hell for years now, but today at QuakeCon, id is showing off the first actual footage of Doom 4.

Here’s the catch, though: the people in attendance at QuakeCon are the only people who are going to see it. There is no streaming, no trailers, nothing. All those of us in the outside world have to go on are what we always have to go on in these circumstances: tweets.

Here are what folks are talking about. We’ll update them as the QuakeCon opening – and Doom 4 reveal – continue:


    • 100% correct, I think they want to recapture that classic DOOM feel so another sequel would have implied the same Doom as D3 was. So keen to get my hands on this game.

  • I have every belief that this will be the awesomeness that we all want. Now to install UT 2004 again and my FPS needs will be met

        • at least you get paid to use it.. I willingly spend hours on Jalopnik, Oppositelock and io9 a day. I need help.

  • I’m really hoping that they put a good amount of thought into multiplayer. It’d be really nice to have a recent arena shooter from ID.

    Single player is very important as well but it’s the multiplayer that really gives a game longevity.

    • After Wolfenstien I’d be happy if plenty of shooters skipped multiplayer entirely.

      • I’m getting over the whole multiplayer thing as. Well. Give me a good fps with good story and a decent amount of content and I’ll be happy. Not a game that spent 95% of there time optimizing multiplayer with a last minute tacked on single player story line.

  • Really hoping this captures the Doom feel of the first two games. Wasn’t that keen on what I played of the third.

    Should give it another whirl though, now that I have a machine more capable of actually playing it…

    • Have you tried Doom the Board Game? It’s absolutely torturous! Set up time is long but the real problem is players who take 5 minutes to make a turn because they treat it too seriously rather than run and gun… I don’t think I have ever ever ever finished a game. Last time, we quit at about 4 am.

      • Didn’t even know there was a board game!

        Also that totally sounds like something I would do.

    • “Capture the feel” of the first two??!? You mean running around in a maze with walls and 2D sprites? Sure, the first two were phenomenal in the day, but have you ever watched gameplay from those games today? It’s like… whoa.

      That said, I think Doom 3 definitely did it better than the first two. With its moments of needing to switch between a flashlight and your weapon, geez… that was just nerve wracking.

      Doom 4 on the other hand, from what I’ve seen — nicely-well-lit arenas with plenty space to move around and dodge hellspawns. Not my idea of nerve-wracking. More like a fun play pen.

      But yeah… I am hoping Doom 4 captures that same this-game-mustn’t-be-played-in-the-dark-with-headphones-lest-I-have-a-heart-attack feel. Else it’ll just be another Unreal Tournament (which isn’t bad at all).

      • Holy megabump, Batman! Check those dates, yo. Even though you’re a guest so I have my doubts you’ll see this.

        Have I watched the gameplay? Uh… yes. I’ve played through both of them, kinda hard to do so without seeing any of it 😛

        And it’s still like whoa. As in whoa this game is so fricken cool I want more.

  • Im waiting for the day that they redo the original Quake with cleaned up graphics and textures, and better audio, but leave the gameplay and everything else untouched (similar to what was done with the original Halo with the anniversary edition on the 360).

    • Quake was the game when it was released. Not just awesome graphics but it was fast paced as well. Used to have a nin CD that had remixes on it made the best sound track.

      • I know right. I bought the original Quake game on PC (CD) and by searching the internetz I found a way of getting it onto my Android device. Works beautifully on my Samsung Galaxy S and now my Nexus 5 using Chromecast to play on my TV. Woot.

  • Hate to be cynical, but this sounds like the same kind of ‘demo’ setup that sold a lot of people of Aliens: Colonial Marines. Except with no released footage, there’s no evidence of change further down the line.
    Would love to be proven paranoid, but I’ll be waiting for an independent review of the finished product.

  • What’s the point of calling it a “reboot” anyway? It’s not like the first 3 had a really engaging, overarching story. I just hope it isn’t called “DooM” and that’s it. I hate it when games companies do that. Give it a subtitle or something just to differentiate it from the first one.

  • They’re only showing it at Quakecon? Oh of course, because everyone was able to get there.

    • the most faithful fanatic people were though and they are the ones who will champion the word of mouth. its a great idea and they will release the trailer to the public sooner than later.

  • I really, really want Doom 4 (a better title than Doom 2014/2015) to be good. I have for the longest time, and for just as long I have had doubts that they could pull it off in this day and age.
    From what I’ve read, they’ve done quite a bit of things right:

    No limit to what you can hold, weapons wise
    NO RELOADING (besides the supershotgun)
    Keycards are returning
    Most if not all of the Doom1/2 enemies are back
    Pentagrams still exist
    Movement speed is still pretty fast (though not at Doom 1/2 levels)
    A constant flow of enemies
    Apparently player death has different animations depending on what gets you, Dead Space style
    “Almost no scripted bullshit”
    Monster infighting still a thing
    NO REGENERATING HEALTH!!! fuck you, call of duty.

    The only things that have really concerned me so far, that I’ve read is:
    apparently there’s an emphasis on melee combat, including finishers. Been playing a lot of Doom lately and let me tell you, there’s not much room for melee combat and executions when you’re dodging fireballs from a million sources. Finishers are apparently “lightning quick” so maybe it won’t be as bad as all that.
    LINEAR LEVEL DESIGN??? this would be a deal breaker. Hopefully it was just one early level that was linear and there’s more Doomy stuff unseen.
    You get health from killing dudes. As opposed to medkits around the place. I dunno about this.

    Also the fact that they’re not showing this stuff off to the internet. How much faith does that show?

    • I think only showing the game to a select few people and then allowing them to disseminate the information entirely themselves shows a lot more faith in the product than one would often see from games devs/publishers.

      It also seems like a really good technique for getting the punters more excited to see the product with a minimal amount of effort. I hope it doesn’t catch on.

    • Also the fact that they’re not showing this stuff off to the internet. How much faith does that show?

      A lot. Possibly they have faith the internet will overreact, leap to conclusions and make silly assumptions… just like you did with that question.

      Melee in Doom has always been an efficient part of Doom, first with punching then with the chainsaw.

      It says enemies drop health when you kill them. Not that you get health when you kill them. Doom has always done this. You either got incremental health or larger kits.

      The beginning level itself in Doom was linear, the later ones expanded into a semi-linear form. You still needed Key A from area A to get to area B to retrieve key B to get to area C to get key C to get to the end. It wasn’t non linear, it was semi-linear.

      I think you’re doing an ‘internet’ and overreacting majorly to knowing nothing dude.

      • I wholy admit that I am cynical, that was a cynical question, and I have been wondering how they would make a good Doom game in 201X for the longest of time. But let’s play devil’s advocate: the game isn’t very good at all! So we get the biggest, blindest fans, the type who would eat anything up (and would happily pay a ticket to see this) and only let them see it, then they’ll tell everyone what a great game it is, and we’ll get all the money!
        That’s probably not the case at all. I hope not. It’s pretty important to me though – I do love Doom, and I couldn’t stand another Duke Nukem Forever.

        I was unclear when I said “get health from killing dudes”. As you said, the enemies drop health when you kill them. What I said was technically correct, if not horrendously unclear.
        However! You are wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong. I’ve play Doom and Doom 2 up and down, enemies do not drop health when you kill them. Health was always only an item found around the levels; it was ammo that dropped from enemies, and even then only the ones with actual weapons. Things that shot fireballs at you or attacked you via melee didn’t drop anything.

        Re: linearity, that might be true. Maybe it’s a bit about semantics and what we all personally call linear. There were plenty of levels where you might see the exit at the start, or where you could encounter every door (red/blue/yellow) before finding the keycards you need.
        As long as the game isn’t like Battlefield or CoD’s campaigns, where you travel from one area to the next to the next, without ever going back the way you came, it should be alright.

        Overreacting? Yes. Most likely.
        Would be less to overreact to if they didn’t cut the stream. They did this!

  • So looking forward to this. I LOVED Doom 3, which was itself a reboot in all but name. The PDAs left behind to find and the menace of the whole experience had me shitting my pants. Can’t wait for this. Love that they’re aiming for 1080p 60fps on consoles too. I have a mean PC, but it’s also nice to know the consoles are getting a great experience too.

    • I didn’t like the ol school dooms much, but I loved doom3, still an all time favorite saved up for ages to get an awesome graphics card before I played it much so I could really experience it. I have faith this will be good.
      Places like desura have new texture packs to update graphics and fix lighting issues and stuff these days too.

  • Gotta tell you, just like Yahtzee I’m getting REALLY sick of companies rebooting their franchises by just dropping all the subtitles and reusing the original name e.g Wolfenstein, Mortal Kombat etc. Every retard and his dog knows about Doom, there’s no point trying to pretend this is a new franchise, you’re not fooling anyone.

    The melee sounds worrying- I don’t have any objection to melee (it worked in Serious Sam 3) as long as they keep it OPTIONAL and don’t force it down our throats by making it mandatory to finish enemies off.

  • You know, the one thing that I really want to see is a return of levels like DOOM 1 & 2.
    The linear design of DOOM 3 lost a lot of what attracted me to the early games, as I used to love pushing my times, and making sure I got 100% kills, items and secrets, replaying my favourite levels over and over again for months until I could literally play them with my eyes closed.

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