Peter Dinklage’s Infamous ‘Moon Wizard’ Line Cut From Destiny Beta

Peter Dinklage’s Infamous ‘Moon Wizard’ Line Cut From Destiny Beta

Destiny was in alpha a few weeks ago. Now, starting today on PS4, Bungie’s upcoming shooter is in beta, with a few changes awaiting players. One of those changes has cut the most notoriously goofy line of dialogue from Destiny. That’s right: Peter Dinklage’s bored-sounding exposition about moon wizards is no more.

Kotaku UK spotted a new video by CVG that covers changes they noted in the beta and details the line editing. You can hear the comparison of old and new voiceovers at 0:38.

The new dialogue sounds closer to a final version, with some vocal processing added to Dinklage’s work to make him sound more like an AI. To our ears, the change sounds more like an edit and not a re-recording. We’ll have more coverage of the Destiny beta soon.


  • Noooooooooo!

    I hope they attached it to an easter egg somewhere in the game. It really seems like a no-brainer.

  • Lately, I’ve been saying “That wizard came from the Moon” whenever someone does something that amazes me…

  • Here’s the real issue. He’s speaking in his American accent!!! His GOT accent he fakes is so much better!

    But seriously, he does sound bored, but can you blame him? The dialogue itself is kind of bland and boring…

    • If he’s meant to play an AI, perhaps he was directed to keep the performance non-emotional?

    • His GOT accent he fakes is so much better!

      I’ve had a weird appreciation for Dinklage for years but his accent in GoT is bloody awful, second only to Aiden Gillen who seems to be an Irishman playing American playing English.

      • You’re literally the only person I’ve ever seen/heard say that. Though it’s not a ‘real’ accent as per se, the pronunciation in it is exquisitely done.

        • Like (show) Oberyn, I kinda have an ear for accents. Peter Dinklage’s varied considerably throughout the series while Aiden Gillan’s was universally bad, which is bizarre since he’s actually Irish but had a great American accent in The Wire. He has Anthony Hopkins Syndrome; man has been playing American so long it’s like he forgets there’s more than one accent in Britain.

          To me it sounds like DInklage plays the accent too hard and over-enunciates everything. Directors should have just let him hold onto his American accent. Jaime has a Danish accent and sounds like no one else in Westeros, let alone the Lannister clan. The Starks are worse, Most of them sound vaguely Geordie, but the kids are all ‘standard’ English.. which is strange since Robb has the thickest Scottish accent I’ve ever heard.

          • We’ll just pretend Winterfell sat smack bang on a bunch of intersecting state lines shall we and each bedroom was privvy to its own national accent? lol

  • Got two EU PS4 beta codes that I’m not gonna use because I only needed one. Anyone want one?

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