Plastic Man Will Probably Be My Favourite Thing About Lego Batman 3

Plastic Man Will Probably Be My Favourite Thing About Lego Batman 3

Let's be real here: including Plastic Man in any Lego video game should break the whole damn thing. He's Plastic Man! He can transform into almost anything! Even Lego bricks!

I already knew that Plastic Man was coming in the new outer-space-themed Lego Batman game. But seeing him transform into a plane in the new trailer for the game made me much more jazzed that he's been added to the roster. I've been a Plastic Man fan from way back, probably because of the horribly campy cartoon from the 1980s that I forced myself to watch as a kid. (There was nothing else on! And I'd be damned if I was going to actually get up from the TV!)

Since then, I've gone back and read some of the wonderfully inventive Jack Cole stories from the 1940s and realised what a weird goofy superhero Eel O'Brian can be in the right hands. One of my favourite runs on the character was written and drawn by legendary cartoonist Kyle Baker, who managed to use Plas to satirically skewer the grimdark editorial decisions happening at DC Comics while he was doing the book.

Yeah, they will have to limit his transformative powers to something reasonable. But, it's that loopy, fourth-wall-breaking sensibility that makes me excited to see that Plastic Man will be in Lego Batman 3. Travellers Tales have proven that they know how to make superheroes funny and accessible in ways that actual comics publishers seem to have forgotten. Plastic Man should be a riot in this one.


    I dunno... He'll probably work the same as Mr Fantastic did in LEGO marvel, stand on a set point and watch a transformation cutscene basically.

    The Lego games are just getting better and better.

    Plastic Man and Martian Manhunter's transformations look great. Also it is pretty cool to see Supes and Wonder Woman getting dinner together, looks like they kept the new 52 relationships. I know Aquaman is in the game but I hope he gets an actual role in the story with the rest of the Justice League. Also Booster Gold, Blue Beetle, Green Arrow and Red Tornado.

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    It bothers me how they market this game as barman instead of DC, but it must boost a lot of sales to do it this way.

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