Player Gets To Wave 138 Of World Of Warcraft's Proving Grounds

It's pretty impressive to survive 30 or 40 waves of enemies in the Proving Grounds, a World of Warcraft scenario where you can test your raiding abilities by facing enemies that get stronger with each wave. So the fact that frost mage Akuyama reached wave 138 and set a new world record is incredible.

You can watch the last ten waves in his clip. Beating 30 waves grants you an achievement, so this should be worth at least an epic mount. Also, really smart use of Icy Veins.

[World Record] - Proving Grounds Endless Wave: 128 - 138 Frost Mage PoV [YouTube]


    One reason I never got into WoW is because of all the skills you have to use. This guy had over 30-40 skills ready to be use, whereas something like Guild Wars 2 you have 10.

    I tried wow and the graphic style, use of having to use all those skills and killing X amount of mobs to beat a quest turned me off.

    But well done to this guy for getting the highest round in something I have no clue about XD

    Last edited 15/07/14 10:06 am

      in actual fact theres really only 10-15skills that you will use just like guild wars, the rest are either flavor skills or skills that just dont see any use appart from the odd raid boss gimmick like spell steal

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