Portal 2 Looks Fun Even Without Portals

Portal 2 Looks Fun Even Without Portals

A few months ago, we took a look at Aperture Tag, a Portal 2 mod that replaces the portal gun with a gun that can shoot the blue and orange gels to craft the levels into a bouncy, speedy wonderland. It's finally out and it's looking even better than before.

The mod adds a whole new storyline with 27 levels, and even has its own level editor. Check out the latest trailer here:

I haven't gotten to play the release version of the game yet, but you can see the video I did with an early version below. Have you tried it? Let us know what you think in the comments!

The game is out now on Steam for $US6.99, but you can get it for 30 per cent off until July 22, right here.


    Not having played it yet, the steam reviews look pretty bad... Maybe I should just watch a let's play or something instead.

      I was thinking the same thing. After reading reviews this morning I gathered that the free mods are just as good.

    Wait.. How are they legally allowed to charge money for a Portal 2 mod? I'm confused, aren't mods only legal (they ignore copyright laws) because they're free?

      They would have negotiated with Steam, with them taking a cut of sales. There has been a few mods released like this - garrys mod comes to mind.

    Bear in mind that the developers of the original "Tag" were recruited by Valve prior to Portal 2's development. The core paint mechanic from "Tag" was incorporated into the game.

    According to steam reviews it isn't that good. I'll think I'll pass.

    A name like this really belongs to a vs game. But that's just me. I read that title and I think to myself aperture vs with paint

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