PR Stunt Involves A 'Thousand' Women Installing A PC Game

PR Stunt Involves a

In China, there's a contest for online game Tera. According to the game's official site, "a thousand beautiful women" install the game on gamers' computers. Not at once, mind you.

You sign up via the game's official Chinese site to enter. As noted on the developer's Facebook (via tipster Sang), the models show up at your door and get the game running on your PC. Apparently, a thousand models are participating in the event as well as members of pop group SNH48.

The rules are very clear that the women will only install the game, and the above GIF is from a video on the contest's site.

The contest, in which players can win various prizes, for example iPad minis, is limited to Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. The last copy of Tera will be installed this Sunday. Yes, this is a gratuitous publicity stunt! And yes, it seems somewhat creepy, but as the game's official site shows, it's not only men who are having these models install Tera:

PR Stunt Involves a
PR Stunt Involves a
PR Stunt Involves a

The above images were taken from the game's official page, and while there are numerous photos, I don't count a thousand images and taking selfies for online use to be part of the contest in order to promote the game. Maybe some winners were shy? Maybe there should have been Tera hunks as well? Maybe installing Tera is difficult? So many questions.

Tera [Official Site]


    Yeah, installing TERA is difficult... It's like 30-50gb if I remember correctly.

      Plenty of time to tune up the model while that heifer installs.

    It reminds me of all those Fakebook photos of girls with 360 controllers in their mouth, usually with a tagline like "nrd4lfe".

    How come none of the people look happy to see the models?

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