Remake Of Bitmap Brothers' Classic 'Z' Isn't All It's Cracked Up To Be

GOG's success is proof that being able to easily get your hands on classic games and have them work on modern operating systems is a winning formula. But there's a little more to it than simply wrapping a game up in DOSBox or some other layer and plonking it on your digital distributor of choice. Today's release of the Bitmap Brothers' 1996 strategy classic Z on GOG and Steam is a good example of how things can go less than right when a developer tries to market a port as a "remake".

Already the game is getting served by Steam users, with a majority of the reviews being negative. The most helpful review points out that game is simply a port of the iOS version — and not a good one at that — and as a result the controls suffer. A developer by the name of "Bytrix" was quick to respond, saying the controls are based on the remake's Mac version, but clearly something has been lost in the translation.

Understandably, the audience over on GOG has been more forgiving, but there are still some concerns regarding the fixed resolution (1280 x 800) and lack of multiplayer (which is present on the mobile version of the game).

Both distributors currently have the game at a 20 per cent discount, bringing the price down to $US5.59, though considering there's a free remake available, the Zod Engine (which has multiplayer), it's hard to justify shelling out for the game, even if it is just a bit of five bucks.

Z [Steam] Release: Z [GOG]


    Well this is kind of sad news - I loved this game when it came out many moons ago. I was mainly going to pick this up for nostalgia purposes.

    disappointing, I was thinking about this game the other day, unaware of any rereleases.
    would've been nice to play again

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