Remastered Cutscenes Get Me Excited For Halo 2 All Over Again

Remastered Cutscenes Get Me Excited For Halo 2 All Over Again

Halo 2 has never been as appealing to me as it is right now, thanks to the newly-released Halo 2: Anniversary cinematic trailer. So many feelings in such a small place.

To be honest, my original excitement for Halo 2 was more me getting caught up in the tidal wave of hype than any personal attachment to the franchise. As the November 9 2004 release date approached, it was as if a spell were being cast over the gaming community, drawing power from every forum post or game store recommendation.

I didn’t fall in love with the franchise until after Halo 2 ended. I’m ready to rekindle the romance come November 11.


  • Holy shit… 10 years is a long time.

    I watched the video pretty much expecting a nostalgia trip. Halo 2 will always have a special place in my heart, but that was so much more than I expected.

    • *Shrug*

      The gameplay is Halo 2, it’s kind of a known quantity.

      Unless you mean in game graphics?

    • I know it’s not gameplay. I know Halo 2 like the back of my hand, so I know it plays well…

  • Oh joy… Halo 2 will fondly keep its place as the sequel that completely destroyed any love I have for the series. It was the first ever game I went to a midnight launch for, and was such a soul crushingly bad game compared to Combat Evolved that I gave up on the franchise completely. Nothing better then half way through the story getting a switch kick to the balls in the form of a To Be Continued…. please wait for Microshaft to bend you over and insert a new console.

  • Its a shame Halo 1 was already rereleased on Xbox360. Id have loved to get them both on Xbox1.

    • @bigguss, all the games are being re-released in the halo collection, including halo 1 again

    • This isn’t halo 2 anniversary, it’s the Master Chief collection. which has all Halo games for the Xbone, as well as halo 2 anniversary and Halo 1 anniversary.

        • It actually does have Spartan Ops, but the others aren’t in it, it’s just the main series.

          • It does? Why? That goes against the entire idea. It was originally the games for the “Master Chief” story, which was the reason why it only contains those 4 games. Now they’re including Spartan Ops?

          • Spartan Ops is a part of Halo 4, since Halo 4 is in the game so is Spartan Ops.

          • Oh wait, I just realized I’ve been saying Spartan Ops. I meant Spartan Assault.

            Urgh, this is the problem with developers giving their games stupid names. It’s worse where instead of adding a number next to the name they just re-use the first name, like how the next Doom game isn’t called Doom 4.

          • Oh, that makes sense. Spartan Assault is a stupid name, it’s like calling Call of Duty “Soldier Battle”.

  • Why is everybody freaking out over pre-rendered CGI cutscenes? It’s like I’m back at the PS1 era.

    Also, am I the only one who felt a disconnect between the dialogue and the cutscene?

      • Excited for the story? A little weird but I can let it slide.
        Excited for the campaign? Eh, some of the locations are interesting, I can see that.
        Excited for the gameplay? I’d disagree, but sure.

        Excited for CGI cutscenes? …didn’t we use to be angry at people who did this?

        • I think you’re over-thinking this my friend…

          Discussions about the quality of gameplay or its campaign aside (which is entirely subjective) its simply eye candy. It looks nice. Then add in a bit of nostalgia and yeah people are excited.

        • I totally agree but its not the CGI that makes me excited. It’s just really cool seeing a game that I LOVED 10 years ago come to life all over again

    • >disconnect
      Honestly… yes, a little. I couldn’t stop looking at their mouths and wondering about the audio.

      Nevertheless, it looks very pretty. I can’t wait to not buy this for the console I don’t want to buy.

    • It’s a slap of paint on a bit of nostalgia.

      Hell I also remember wishing they’d just do a CGI halo movie back when I was in high school.

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