Remastered Cutscenes Get Me Excited For Halo 2 All Over Again

Remastered Cutscenes Get Me Excited For Halo 2 All Over Again

Halo 2 has never been as appealing to me as it is right now, thanks to the newly-released Halo 2: Anniversary cinematic trailer. So many feelings in such a small place.

To be honest, my original excitement for Halo 2 was more me getting caught up in the tidal wave of hype than any personal attachment to the franchise. As the November 9 2004 release date approached, it was as if a spell were being cast over the gaming community, drawing power from every forum post or game store recommendation.

I didn't fall in love with the franchise until after Halo 2 ended. I'm ready to rekindle the romance come November 11.


    Stoked that 343i are doing this! Best 10 year anniversary present out there.

    Holy shit... 10 years is a long time.

    I watched the video pretty much expecting a nostalgia trip. Halo 2 will always have a special place in my heart, but that was so much more than I expected.

    The CGI may be good but it's not game play...


      The gameplay is Halo 2, it's kind of a known quantity.

      Unless you mean in game graphics?

      I know it's not gameplay. I know Halo 2 like the back of my hand, so I know it plays well...

    Oh joy... Halo 2 will fondly keep its place as the sequel that completely destroyed any love I have for the series. It was the first ever game I went to a midnight launch for, and was such a soul crushingly bad game compared to Combat Evolved that I gave up on the franchise completely. Nothing better then half way through the story getting a switch kick to the balls in the form of a To Be Continued.... please wait for Microshaft to bend you over and insert a new console.

    Its a shame Halo 1 was already rereleased on Xbox360. Id have loved to get them both on Xbox1.

      @bigguss, all the games are being re-released in the halo collection, including halo 1 again

      This isn't halo 2 anniversary, it's the Master Chief collection. which has all Halo games for the Xbone, as well as halo 2 anniversary and Halo 1 anniversary.

        It doesn't have Halo Wars, ODST, Reach or Spartan Ops.

          It actually does have Spartan Ops, but the others aren't in it, it's just the main series.

            It does? Why? That goes against the entire idea. It was originally the games for the "Master Chief" story, which was the reason why it only contains those 4 games. Now they're including Spartan Ops?

              Spartan Ops is a part of Halo 4, since Halo 4 is in the game so is Spartan Ops.

                Oh wait, I just realized I've been saying Spartan Ops. I meant Spartan Assault.

                Urgh, this is the problem with developers giving their games stupid names. It's worse where instead of adding a number next to the name they just re-use the first name, like how the next Doom game isn't called Doom 4.

                  Oh, that makes sense. Spartan Assault is a stupid name, it's like calling Call of Duty "Soldier Battle".

    I'd love to see them both on the 360 really.

    Bungie still has to learn how not to do 'dead eyes' on human characters.

      The CGI cutscenes are actually being done by blur studio

      Not by bungie, or by 343 who are actually in production of these remakes...

      Unless you're criticising Destiny, I'll remind you this ain't Bungie's work!

    Why is everybody freaking out over pre-rendered CGI cutscenes? It's like I'm back at the PS1 era.

    Also, am I the only one who felt a disconnect between the dialogue and the cutscene?

      Because they can?

      Because people like pretty things?

      Also this:

        Excited for the story? A little weird but I can let it slide.
        Excited for the campaign? Eh, some of the locations are interesting, I can see that.
        Excited for the gameplay? I'd disagree, but sure.

        Excited for CGI cutscenes? ...didn't we use to be angry at people who did this?

          I think you're over-thinking this my friend...

          Discussions about the quality of gameplay or its campaign aside (which is entirely subjective) its simply eye candy. It looks nice. Then add in a bit of nostalgia and yeah people are excited.

          I totally agree but its not the CGI that makes me excited. It's just really cool seeing a game that I LOVED 10 years ago come to life all over again

      Honestly... yes, a little. I couldn't stop looking at their mouths and wondering about the audio.

      Nevertheless, it looks very pretty. I can't wait to not buy this for the console I don't want to buy.

      It's a slap of paint on a bit of nostalgia.

      Hell I also remember wishing they'd just do a CGI halo movie back when I was in high school.

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