Remember This?

MattyB83. How? How is it possible that you guessed yesterday's Remember This? I don't understand. I mean congratulations and all, but are you a wizard?

Yesterday's answer was Serious Sam. I thought there was no chance of anyone guessing correctly, but I was wrong.

But everyone seems to be enjoying the return of Remember This, so I'm going to keep going! Good luck with today's effort.


    The Amazing Adventures of Red Blobbington and Blu Skye.

    NASCAR Racing on PC.
    Looks like part of a car livery...

    Mirror's Edge? The Trials DLC?

      Ah d'oh! I guessed mirror's edge before seeing this! Tis the first thing that springs to mind when seeing the blue and red together like that!

    Not sure why, bit maybe Grand Prix 2, or another grand prix game?

    I don’t understand. I mean congratulations and all, but are you a wizard?


    Sorry, it had to be done.

    Stunts? Very unlikely I admit :)

      haha funnily enough, I thought it could be stunts too at first, but the red is a little too red for stunts I think. Pretty sure there were a lot more orangey/browns in stunts than there were reds

    Bad JPEG compression. I remember that well.

    For some reason i am thinking of the bridge in GTA San Andreas don't know why though.

    Last edited 01/07/14 4:35 pm

    Going to throw Gundam, Red Baron, Wings of Honor, Wings of Glory, Crimson Skies and Flight Unlimited into the ring (can you see my pattern of thinking at all there?). I reckon we might need some clues soon, ie, are we looking at in game shot or box cover art? Would be nice to know what platform the image is from as well as colours will vary between platforms.

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