Remember This?

Finally! It seems like it's been a while since I've stumped you all on a Remember This, but it's finally happened! I had to go super vague, but it was worth it! Check in for clue number 2!

And here it is...

Yeah, this is a rough one. But I know some crazy eagle-eyed reader can guess this one.


    bubsy 3d?

    Frontier Elite, or maybe Skyroads?

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      omg Skyroads! Had completely forgotten about that game!

      Not particularly awesome game, but man that takes me back :p

    Don't know why but I'm getting a Gen1 Transformers feel from it, the second pic looks kinda like battlecat markings from He-man (IIRC). But I'm usually way off with these things (and they are usually games so there's that too)

    battletoads???? .....nah its not. i just wanted to think about that game again.

    Bubsy 3D

      we have a winner

      I was going to say that, but then I realised that nobody would be evil enough to mention that game.

      Oh god I was right. I guess running the Lame Game Marathon has been good for something...yknow, apart from all of that charity stuff.

    for some reason i am getting a weird Stephen Hawkings pro wheelchair vibe about this 2nd pic(pretty sure thats what the game was lol).

    I have no idea where i found that game or why i even downloaded it was shocking indie game that really was glitchy as hell.

      I payed full price back in the day because I went by the covers because I was a kid and we didn't have the Internet. Yes I still own that physical copy to this day.

        They had a physical copy of it? All i remember was finding it on some weird website although i am unsure if it was a demo or not.

          It was the full game. Even with Cheats, I still couldn't finish the game. Must have brought it from K-Mart because I got most of games there when I was a kid.

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    Sid Meier's Dysentary

    Hunter, on the Amiga 500 ?

    Was thinking perhaps Virtual Racing too, on Mega Drive and 32x..... something early polygonal...

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