Remember This?

Again, I am impressed. Amazingly, a number of people correctly guessed that yesterday's Remember This was Bubsy 3D, from two completely vague scatterings of polygons. Well done to fsjk85 who guessed it straight off the bat. Incredible work.

Good luck with today's effort!


    Master of Orion 2 ... man I miss that game! Where is the remake alreday!

      Definitely MOO2!

      Have been a few contenders for a good 4X game in recent years, but still nothing which quite gets it as spectacularly right.

      Damnit, I should have checked the front page an hour and a half ago, that's my guess too ;)

        Same. I still play it maybe once a month for a shot of nostalgia.

    First thought Metroid Prime too. But then thought maybe Eternal Darkness.

    Sid Meier's Civilization [from the intro movie]

    Earthworm Jim? looks like andy asteroids

    SkyRoads :) i played the shit out of that game when i was a kid :)

      I think that might be it!

      Never thought I'd live to hear someone other than me mention that name, :).

      Woah, you are spot on, somehow; and I have never heard of that game before!

    Thought it was Overkill, not so sure now.

    Mortal Kombat ? Not sure which one, but am pretty sure

      Strange, because MK is the first thing that came to mind when I saw it too. Sure, some people are reminded of galaxies, but the first thing that I thought of was a ripped spine!

    Wondered why I hadn't seen the Bubsy 3D response in the last game and then realised that Im logged into and not seeing responses from US users.

      Actually I was on the .au site as well and someone guessed Busby 3D in one of the first comments yesterday!

        That's weird, are you looking at the same article at ??? I did a scan of the responses manually and also a search for bubsy on the page itself and nothing came up. Im only seeing 29 responses on that page.

          That was posted on the 1st of July! he posted a second hint on the 2nd i.e. yesterday where someone guessed it as Busby 3D!

    Serrel Quest 2: Space Bukake Bandit and Friends

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