Remember This?

Well done to Shoop who correctly guessed that yesterday's Remember This. It was Skyroads! Great guess. Good work to all the others who also guessed correctly. That was a pretty vague one.

Good luck with today's effort everyone!


    Killer Instinct.

    One of the first google images to come up in a search.

    Sorry everybody :/

      oh damn it is, cmon Mark, not obscure enough

      Last edited 04/07/14 12:34 pm

      Did you guess before or after checking google? :P

        Before. Then I googled image searched to see if it would be there or at least if the image of the birds didn't match up to my memory.

        Yeah, this. We all know it can be cheated with Google, but what's the point, really? I post my answer first, maybe after some regular image searches if I'm a little unsure. I might try the reverse image search afterwards, then if I was wrong, oh well, well done Serrels.

          i tend to guess then search never been too successful at this game though :(

    The Lion King maybe

      exactly what I thought too.

        I immediately started humming the song when I looked at the picture, but actually the answer is the complete opposite of The Lion King. GG, Killer Instinct...

    Yup, confirmed.

    darude - sandstorm

    Dark Taint Willow Whisperer Bukake Bandit and Friends?

    Thought this was the ending if star fox 64

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