Remember This?

Well there you have it! No-one guessed yesterday's Remember This. To be fair it was a pretty obscure image from a game that was hardly well known. Looks like you all need a second image to jog that memory.

And here it is!

Dammit, it's going to be too easy now isn't it!


    Vandal Hearts.

    Those sprite designs always stood out.

    I remember that game being awesome.

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      Vandal Hearts 2 even?

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      "from a game that was hardly well known" . Com'on Mark, even in Greece it was well known !

      Last edited 08/07/14 6:56 pm

    Vandal hearts

      Both Vandal Hearts are being answered @ the same time 12:17, wtf guys? BUT Mack said Vandal Heart 2 @ 12:18 ... so..? What's the verdict Marky ? :)

    We have gone from nightmare setting straight down to i'm too young to die with this one lol.

    I know that,.. its from Vandal Heart that picture had Clint Picard on it,....
    how the hell that game is not well known,...

    That's refreshing - the male knight gets the impractical, hot pink, butt accentuating, skin tight pants, while the female gets a full robe.

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