Remember This?

Well, yesterday was an interesting one. Neo Kaiser jumped in quickly guessing Vandal Hearts. Then Mack jumped in a minute later clarifying that the correct answer was Vandal Hearts 2. I'm going to just congratulate the pair of them. Good work. It was a vague one, with some vague screenshots to boot. Good job everyone!

See if you can guess today's effort. It's a humdinger.


    Looks like NES golf to me

    It's a can of Sprite! Possibly 7UP or Mountain Dew!

      If that's the case I'll guess "cool spot" then. ;)

    Wani Wani World
    ToeJam n Earl
    Earth worm Jim
    Midnight Resistance
    Road Blaster
    Gunstar Heroes

    The colours kind of make me think of Boogerman.

    Daffy Duck in Hollywood

    I am leaning towards a snes RPG, blob shadows, similar colour palette to the likes of SoM and CT.
    My guess is secret of mana 2 (seiken densetsu 3)

    Yeah it's Earthworm Jim

    @markserrels - can I make the suggestion that instead of taking an image you find online then cropping it, it might be better to either take a photo with your phone of a video from youtube or a game actually running on a system. Then crop that image down to a smaller part of the game. That should hopefully go a long way to stopping people being able to do a google image search to get the answer.
    I say this as someone who likes this lunchtime game more than most of the others that have been run but hate people cheating to get the answer.

      I just tried the photo trick and it seems to do the job

      Doesn't come up with Earthworm Jim as a result.

        Yeah, I gave your image a go and google just came back with random green images in the results, nothing mentioning the game. Seems a successful enough a test. :)

      I like this game as well - though we also need more HAITAKU again!

    It's The Curse of Serrels and His Totally Unpredictable Posting Times

    aka. Earthworm Jim, as has already been pointed out above :(

    I knew immediately it was Earthworm Jim. but i knew a dozen other ppl would as well :(

      I actually flat out guessed it Earth worm Jim was going to be my version of Shanes the Dig now i guess it cannot be :(

    Dammit, this is the second ever "remember this" i have been able to guess correctly without reading the comments and pretty much everyone has already guessed it.

    Biker Mice from Mars!
    my posting have become more and more later due to increasing workloads. :( i feel bad

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